Samsung Galaxy S10+ To Have 93.4% Screen-To-Body Ratio

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ To Have 93.4% Screen-To-Body Ratio

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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship is one of the most anticipated devices, set to launch next year. Samsung is has set its focus on a lot on innovations this time around and the numerous leaks and rumours about the device seem to hold that true. The phone might have three variants, varying screens, an in-display fingerprint sensor. Most recently, reports of a 93 % screen-to-body ratio have surfaced.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Such a high screen-to-body ratio can only hint at one thing, a bezel-less, notch-less display. It is well known that Samsung will not be adapting the notch, especially for their next flagship. So the obvious conclusion is that Samsung  has actually developed the in-display camera technology for its upcoming flagship. The in-display camera sensor will eliminate the need for a notch or a bezel, thus ensuring that the device can reach the said screen-top-body ratio. To put things into perspective, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, with its sliding camera has a 93 % screen-to-body ratio.

The Latest In Innovation

Samsung is said to be working on an in-display front facing camera as well. The company had introduced this concept at the 2018 Samsung OLED forum. The company had not only spoken about the in-display front camera, but also other OLED technologies such as a screen sound technology. Recently, a Samsung patent surfaced which showed a way to turn the entire display into a fingerprint sensor. This could have multiple possibilities in the future such as using any part of the display to unlock the phone. Along with using multiple fingers for authentication and not just one and also the ability for the device to constantly read your fingerprint while you sue it, for advanced security.

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Recently, Samsung had teased the Galaxy A8s which is sad to have a camera cut-out for on its screen. While this is not exactly an in-display camera sensor, it might be the first step towards it. Samsung might be saving all of its best features for the flagship galaxy S10.

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