Panasonic Announces First 8K Camera with Organic Sensor

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Panasonic Announces First 8K Camera with Organic Sensor

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Panasonic introduced an 8K camera in February, this year and recently an estimated date has been declared by the company for it’s launch. The 8K Multipurpose Camera AK – SHB 810 is a compact, lightweight, box – type camera that uses a PL lens mount. It features the world’s first organic sensor and arrives seven years after the technology was patented. The camera can shoot 8K / 4K / HD videos and shoots 8K at 60 fps.

The 8K Future

Panasonic is aiming to accommodate a wide range of applications for broadcasting and video production. The company has announced it’s future plans till 2020. They wish to continue to develop 4K / 8K devices / systems. These systems can withstand actual operation, support high image quality of broadcast production and efficiency of broadcasting services. They can also contribute to the development of the broadcasting industry. Panasonic had released another 8K Super Hi-Vision recorder, the AJ – ZS 0580 last year.

Panasonic explains what an organic sensor is by stating that the sensor ‘realises a laminated structure in which an electric charge accumulation part is arranged in a lower layer by using an organic thin film for a photoelectric conversion part.’ The camera also boasts of other features such as prevention of skew distortion and flash band using a global shutter. This shutter simultaneously exposes all the pixels thus reducing the chance of any skew.

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They further informed that the organic sensors can change the sensitivity by controlling the voltage applied to the organic thin film. This acts as a constantly changing virtual ND filter so to speak. Panasonic has also said that the global shutter enables photographers to not worry about random flashes from creating partial bright bands in a video. The 8K multi-purpose camera will be available in the fall of 2019. 

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