Samsung Galaxy S10 To Not Have The Iris Scanner

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Samsung Galaxy S10 To Not Have The Iris Scanner

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the upcoming flagship by Samsung. The smartphone marks the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series by Samsung and is therefore bound to be special. Previous leaks of the smartphone have showcased some very exciting features of the Galaxy S10. These include an almost bezel-less display with an in-display cameraamong others. Latest reports suggest that Samsung will remove the Iris Scanner on the Galaxy S10. It will instead replaced by an in-display fingerprint sensor.

More Than Meets the Eye

Galaxy S9

The Iris Scanner was first introduced with the Galaxy Note 7, infamous for its faulty batteries, which caused some smartphones to explode. The technology is seen in all the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S devices launched after the Note 7. The Galaxy Tab S4 is the most recent device to sport the Iris Scanner. The Iris Scanner by Samsung promised a high level of security with equally high levels of privacy as well. But now, the technology will make way for something bigger and more important; a larger display.

Removing the sensor present on the top will ensure that there is more screen real estate on the Samsung Galaxy S10. The device will either have an in-display front-facing camera or a camera cut out on the display. This will make way for more screen real estate while not settling for a notch. Samsung is the only major Smartphone manufacturer who has not adopted the notch yet. We expect for the company to set a new trend with its next smartphone.

UltraSonic Fingerprint Sensor

Top 10 Features

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will now have an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader. Almost all the smartphones available in the market today use an optical in-display fingerprint reader. The ultrasonic sensor is much more secure and upto 3x more expensive than its optical counterpart. Qualcomm has already finished the development of this sensor which uses cameras to map the ridges in your fingerprint along with the sweat pores on your fingers. The technology can work well through any type of display and also while in contact with water, sweat or grease.

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With all these features and more which are yet to be seen, the Galaxy S10 is shaping up to become a really interesting smartphone.

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