Samsung Showcases Its Foldable Smartphone With Infinity Flex Display

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Samsung Showcases Its Foldable Smartphone With Infinity Flex Display

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The long awaited, folding smartphone from Samsung is finally here. Samsung unveiled the phone, which also doubles up as a tablet, at the Samsung Developer Conference. But the company did not reveal an official name for the device. However, they did mention that it uses what is called the Infinity Flex Display. This lets you use the phone as a smartphone when it is folded, and a tablet when the screen is unfolded. The device runs on the new Android OS for folding displays. It will enter mass-production early next year, according to Samsung.

To complete the transition, it uses a 4.6 inch Super AMOLED display which acts as the primary display for when you use it as a smartphone. Upon unfolding, you can use the 7.3 inch Super AMOLED display which is the main display, according to the company. With so much screen available, you can use up to three apps at once, while using the device. The company also ensures a smooth transition between apps. They also claim that the transition from a smartphone to a tablet is smooth and effortless at all times. To make this possible, they take the help of Android, which has announced support for foldable displays.

The Foldable Future

Samsung has also set up an emulator SDK to help test apps for the device. Additionally, they will provide guidelines on how to develop apps for foldable smartphones. Samsung also said that they have spent a lot of time on perfecting the design elements for the new phone. From what we can see in the video of the device presented by the company, it has much thinner bezels and a smoother finish than the FlexPai folding smartphone, which was launched last week.

Some reports also suggest that this is not the production variant of the phone. Saying that the final version will have thinner bezels and a less bulky design. This would be key as no one would like to lug around a phone that is bulky and inconvenient, no matter how innovative it may be.

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