Amazon To Start Selling iPhones & iPads In Several Regions, Including India

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Amazon To Start Selling iPhones & iPads In Several Regions, Including India

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Amazon has officially announced that it will be selling more Apple products on its website. This will be done when the holiday season starts. The move reflects on how important e-commerce platforms like Amazon are becoming, even for brands such as Apple.

Earlier, Amazon only sold limited items from Apple’s inventory such as Mac computers and Beats headphones. Since Apple offers direct competition to the e-commerce giant with some consumer products, the companies always has their differences. Some issues also rose over Apple not adopting Amazon apps into its devices, which saw its resolution later. Now, the e-commerce giant will sell the latest iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch 4 in select regions. These include the United States, Europe, Japan and most importantly, India. The company is already stocking up the devices, so that they are available in plenty in the coming weeks. The Apple products will now be available exclusively on the Apple Amazon page.

It’s Not All Additive

The move also resulted in the elimination of third-party and unauthorised sellers who sell Apple products on Amazon. However, third party accessories supporting Apple devices will be found on the website. Only third- party sellers retailing Apple products will no longer be present . 

The list of products will however not include the Apple HomePod, as it is a direct competition to the Alexa Powered Speakers offered by Amazon. The reasons for a stand-off between these tech giants are never-ending, but this seems to be a promising move towards a better future for consumers. As most of the consumers prefer to buy products from e-commerce websites, this is a welcome step.

Apple has said that they will continue to work to improve the experience for Apple customers on Amazon and are looking forward to customers having ‘another great way’ to buy their products. A notable statistic is the fact that about 71% of Apple’s sales in 2018 came through distribution channels such as Amazon.

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