Xiaomi’s Mint Browser Is Now Available On The Play Store

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Xiaomi’s Mint Browser Is Now Available On The Play Store

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Xiaomi has lunched its Mint Browser on the Google Play Store. The browser is a lightweight version of an already existing browser which comes in-built along with MIUI. The Mint browser is however not restricted to just Xiaomi devices and can be installed on any Android smartphone. However, the browser is still not available in India, but should be made available soon.

The Mint browser is a lightweight browser and it is designed to consume fewer resources. The browser is smaller and lighter in terms of download size, installation size, memory and data usage and many other arenas. The light weight nature and small size does have some issues as well. The browser isn’t really feature loaded, but it does have the bare necessities for every day use.

The browser features an incognito mode. It also has a data sober mode which compresses images to save data. It does not have an ad-blocker which is a common feature among browsers these days. Also , the search engines which you can use is limited to Yahoo, which is the default and Google. To use an alternative like DuckDuckGo, you will have to set that as the default start page.

It also features a night mode, which is a feature already found on the MIUI browser. This mode turns the webpages dark so as to decrease eye-strain at night. However, this night mode does have its drawbacks. The web page only switches to dark mode after the entire web page finishes loading. Until then, it stays in the original colours.

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However, unlike the other Xiaomi browser, this one is clean and free of annoying ads and pop ups. This means there are no notifications, promoted content, ads and pop ups. The app is available for free on the Play Store.

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