Amazon looking to buy remains of HPs WebOS and Palm Acquisitions.

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Amazon looking to buy remains of HPs WebOS and Palm Acquisitions.

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Palm, The company that was killed due to lack of intelligent structuring by HP, remains as one of the biggest loss-outs in the mobile acquisition history. Palm was the first after Apple to offer an OS capable of interacting with touchscreen devices, and one that was also limited to their own devices. Not that Palm had not been doing  that from the day it launched, it somehow managed to user in the post iOS era when apps and the APP Store were just very young.

Hp after buying out Palm flat out for 1.2 billion dollars, on August 19th 2011 announced that it will abandon the WebOS and its devices. Now Amazon seems to be the forerunner in the race to buy out the company from HP. 

HP is looking to dump what’s left of Palm and webOS as quickly as possible, and Amazon is nearing a deal to make the acquisition. Amazon recently revealed the Kindle Fire tablet which runs on a highly customized version on Android. Buying out a proprietary OS would not only enable the company to control the features that they want to give, but also enable innovation from the company. WebOS would cost Amazon a good amount of money and will  force the company to go back to the drawing board in terms of building hardware around an entirely new platform.

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