Huawei Rolling Android 9 Pie-Based EMUI 9.0 In India

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Huawei Rolling Android 9 Pie-Based EMUI 9.0 In India

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Huawei like a lot of other smartphone manufacturers skins its Android phones with custom skin called EMUI. Late last year the company rolled out the latest Android 9.0 Pie-base EMUI 9.0 update for supported devices in several regions. Back then India specific units were restrained from the EMUI 9.0 update but now the company has announced that an OTA update for these devices will roll out shortly. In addition to Huawei devices, Honor devices that also run EMUI will also get the latest Android Pie update. 

EMUI 9.0 Changelog
  •  Simple Navigation Gestures – The update adds easy to use navigation gestures to the compatible devices. After the update, the user can swipe up to return home, swipe from left and right to go back, and swipe up and pause to open task manager.
  • Performance Optimisation – The company has tweaked the software code on EMUI 9.0 which results in a faster and smoother hands-on experience. According to Huawei, the update increases application startup by up to 25.8% or 102 and overall system fluency is increased by 12.9%. 
  • Wireless Projection – This is a much-needed addition to powerful Android smartphones. Huawei devices can not only wirelessly project media content with the help of Miracast compliant TV or HDMI dongle, but the company has also developed a desktop-like user interface that is displayed on the screen upon wireless connection.
  • Gaming Optimisation – The company has equipped the software with a feature called GPU Turbo 2.0. The GPU Turbo 2.0 makes use of AI to predict allocation of resources to decrease maximum hot spots temperature and touch delays. The AI intelligently schedules processes to accomplish the end result.  
Honor Play
  • One-Handed Mode – Applications on the EMUI 9.0 have been redesigned and aligned in a structured manner. This overhaul in application design helps in better device operability with one hand. 
  • Phone Clone – Another noteworthy addition, the update brings a new application called Phone Clone. As the name suggests, it helps users to easily transfer data on to their Huawei device in a simplified manner. 
  • HiVision –  It is an in-house developed application that intends to simplify the use of a smartphone in several ways possible. The app makes use of the smartphone’s camera to display details about the object. The user can take pictures of food and the device will turn up the macro calories of the dish. Additionally, it can be used for language translation and landmark detection. 
  • Digital Well Being – In the latest EMUI 9.0 Huawei has deeply integrated the digital well-being ethic introduced by Google. The feature allows the user to cut down excessive use of their smart devices and also track the amount of time they spend using a particular app.
  • Multiple Backups – After the update, the users can easily back up data from their smartphone on to an external storage card or even a  USB drive. Furthermore, the user can create multiple backups that would have been created during different time periods. 
  • Password Vault – This feature allows users to securely store their login credentials on a Huawei or Honor device. Most notably the data secured in the vault is encrypted and can only be accessed after proper authentication. 
  • Wireless Printing – EMUI 9.0 simplifies the process of wireless printing files and documents from the user’s smartphone. It has a one-click option that allows for easy and hassle-free printing. 
Compatible Devices

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The latest EMUI 9.0 based on Android 9.0 Pie is compatible with the following devices: 

Huawei Devices Honor Devices
Mate 10 Series Honor 10
Mate P20 Series Honor View 10 
Mate 20 Pro Series Honor Play

The list of supported devices is expected to grow over time as Huawei readies EMUI 9.0 on other devices. 

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