WhatsApp Adds New Feature To Control Spam Messages

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WhatsApp Adds New Feature To Control Spam Messages

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WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging application that was started in the year 2009. In comparison to its initial release, the company has added several features and functionalities to the application. Except for text messaging it also provides services like Voice over IP (VoIP), media sharing and video calling. Due to its free price and ease of usage, it has become a huge hit amongst consumers across the globe.

One issue that the company has tried to tackle for a long period of time is the propagation of fake news via the platform. In the month of July, last year WhatsApp launched a test to limit the forwarding of messages worldwide. The company specifically mentioned that its Indian users forward more messages and photos than users from any other country. The company tested a lower limit that restricts users to send messages to only five contacts at once.  Also, it removed the quick forward button next to media messages. According to the company, this step was taken to further improve the safety and privacy of its users. One example that helped to curb fake new is as follows:

Labelling Forwarded Messages

The new update of WhatsApp adds a crucial feature to restrain the diffusion of sham messages via the messaging application. After the update, WhatsApp will show which messages a user receives have been forwarded to them. Such a message will carry a small arrow along with the forwarded tag. This will allow the receiver to know whether that particular message was actually written by the sender or it was forwarded information. 

How Will It Stop False News?

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This fresh feature of WhatsApp will allow the receiver to ascertain if a specific message was forwarded or purposely written. The receiver can then determine whether they should trust the claims of that message or not. 

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