OnePlus 6T Users Face Rapid Battery-Draining Bug

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OnePlus 6T Users Face Rapid Battery-Draining Bug

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A lot of users have reported that their OnePlus 6T is losing battery rapidly, without any apparent cause. A Reddit user said that his OnePlus 6T’s battery life was almost halved all of a sudden. And that was without any heavy stress on the phone. Even after shutting down all the background applications, the battery life wasn’t reverted back. 

OnePlus 6T Battery 

 The OnePlus 6T has been very popular since its launch in October 2018. With an onscreen fingerprint reader and a load of other quirky features, it was an instant favourite among the OnePlus user base. The device sports a 3700 mAh battery, which can easily handle a day’s worth of tasks. On top of that, it has DashCharge, which charges it from 0 to 60% under 35 minutes. 

Suggested Fixes

The Reddit user even mentioned that he tried updating the software to the latest version for the T-Mobile version, but in vain. Also, clearing the cache from the phone and Google Play Services didn’t help either. After various comments were added to his post, he tried factory resetting his phone and installing a battery saver. The only thing that apparently worked for him was putting his OnePlus 6T on airplane mode, which almost restored his battery life. Obviously, this doesn’t count as a fix. 

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Various fixes provided by different users included checking for bad cookies or malware on the device, rooting the device and installing a custom ROM. Since the issue is fairly recent, OnePlus 6T users would have to wait for an official fix or at least a response from the community. You can try limiting the number of background processes in the Developer options. But that’s about it. Are you having the same problem with your OnePlus 6T? Let us know in the comments below! 

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