Oppo Working On A Foldable Phone With Pop Up Camera Claims Patent

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Oppo Working On A Foldable Phone With Pop Up Camera Claims Patent

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Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo has slowly emerged as a leader in mobile phone technologies. In the year 2018, the company launched the Oppo Find X smartphone that was laden with remarkable features like a motorised camera slider and 50w SuperVOOC flash charge. Freshly granted patents claim that the company is developing yet another praiseworthy smartphone with a foldable display and a pop up selfie camera. 

The Conception Of Foldable Smartphones

Ever since the inception of smartphones, the maximum number of devices have had a rigid form factor. Over the years, several OEMs have proposed smartphones with a flexible form factor to pack in a large display on a device with a small footprint. None of the devices launched in the past were polished enough to be adopted by the mass audience.  However, it seems modern day foldable smartphones can turn the table for such devices. Earlier this month Samsung had launched its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold which will be available for purchase from 26 April this year. Numerous smartphone makers like Huawei, LG and Xiaomi are also expected to soon join the foldable phone bandwagon. Oppo being a competitive company cannot miss out on the industry that is likely to explode soon. 

Oppo’s Patent Revelations

The patent granted to Oppo exhibits a futuristic smartphone with a foldable display. Noteworthy, the display on the Oppo smartphone folds on the outside which is unlike the freshly launched Samsung Galaxy Fold. The device when in its unfolded state turns into a large screen tablet that has minimal bezels. The exceptional feature of the device is its pop up selfie camera which is similar to Vivo’s V15 Pro

The hinge on the rear side of the device is reminiscent of the Royole Flexpai. It seems to be made out of a pliable material which will provide the device with its foldable ability. The left half of the device has a ridge-like contour that accounts for the camera module. While the right half has an indentation which will make up for the camera module ridge when in the folded state. The patent also reveals that the bottom side of the device is occupied by the 3.5 mm audio jack, microphone pinhole, loudspeaker grille and cutout for a connector.  

Launch Date

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Unfortunately, Oppo has not announced the launch date of its first foldable smartphone. Nevertheless, it is assumed that the company will soon launch a device with this form factor. 



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