Pokemon Go Styled, Harry Potter Wizards United To Launch Soon

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Pokemon Go Styled, Harry Potter Wizards United To Launch Soon

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The creators of Pokemon Go are at the crease with another new game, and this time, players will explore the world of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Universe. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is supposed to release in the upcoming months, and while the game aims to include all of the “walking and earning rewards” mechanics of Pokemon GO, it will also integrate a huge storyline and various other activities that will make the game much more complex than Pokemon GO. 

Game Overview

The first look of the game is now out, thanks to Warner Bros. and Niantic Games. The primary mission of the game is to save non-magic folk (also known as Muggles) from evil wizards, and capture them all before they cause any more havoc. The players will play as a recruit of the Statue of Secrecy Task Force, which is a venture by the Ministry of Magic and the International Confederation of Wizards to lock down all the rogue wizards that threaten the sanctity of the wizarding world.

Players will use various magical spells and potions to defeat the wizards. During their adventures, players may find some magical items or characters called Foundables, which can only be dispelled if the player casts a magical spell on it. In doing so, players will earn unique rewards that can be accessed via the game Registry. Furthermore, players may find foundables at a variety of public places like parks, galleries, libraries, and monuments.

Item Mechanics

The game will also introduce “Spell Energy” to limit how much users can play in a given stretch of time. Once a player runs out of Spell Energy, he/she won’t be able to cast spells until the Spell energy is replenished at “Inns” by collecting food items and drinks. Also, the player can brew potions to help him/her during battles and travelling. The items required for brewing can be found around the map, and their availability depends on the environment (such as weather, time of day).

Users may come across “Portmanteaus”, which can be unlocked to reveal different Porkeys around the whole map. Entering a portkey will take the player to AR environments from the Harry Potter universe, such as Ollivander’s Wand Shop.

Combat Mechanics

Fortresses are to Wizards Unite what Gyms are to Pokemon GO. To battle real-time opponents, players can head to multiple Fortresses on the map, where they can battle enemies such as Dementors and Death Eaters. Co-op battles would ensure higher chances of winning at such battles, as per the Game blog. The game will have different classes of wizards, namely Aurors, Magizoologists, and Professors. Players will have to strategize and team up with appropriate classes in order to defeat tough foes. 

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As of now, no official release date has been associated with the much awaited game. Pre-registration is available for Android devices on Google Play. iOS users may have to wait for the pre-registration of the game, the company states.

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