Lenovo Registers Patent For Foldable Smartphone With Clamshell Design

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Lenovo Registers Patent For Foldable Smartphone With Clamshell Design

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The race of unveiling the best foldable smartphone is undoubtedly a cutthroat one, with companies like Samsung and Huawei leading the pack. Xiaomi is expected to follow up with its own variant of the same. The multinational technology company Lenovo has also showcased various prototypes of foldable smartphones previously. On April 2, 2019, Lenovo was granted a patent for an innovative foldable smartphone with a clamshell design. 

About The Patent

The design patent was applied for in the month of September 2018 in the Global Design Database of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). The patent contained a total of 11 images. As per the images, Lenovo has opted for a flexible hinge design, which when unfolded, unveils an elongated display. Images suggest that the device’s display will be just wide enough for convenient one-handed usage. Narrow bezels will give the device a contemporary look. The upper screen border of the foldable smartphone houses an earpiece receiver, whereas the bezel above the display accommodates the front camera. 

Interestingly, the Lenovo foldable smartphone has a second screen that is present at the back of the device and is visible only when the device is folded shut. Noteworthy, images suggest that the fold hinge/line doesn’t lie in the middle of the smartphone, instead the lower part of the device is shorter as compared to the upper part. Once the user bends the lower part, a smaller screen will be visible.

Lastly, the rear of the device houses a single camera. The clamshell design of the Lenovo foldable smartphone hints towards the fact that the device can be folded at more than one point, thereby facilitating mobility in the smartphone. However, it appears that when the device is folded, a tiny crack will still be visible which will indicate where the hinge is.

Expected Availability

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The Chinese manufacturer is expected to release the foldable smartphone in the later part of the year 2019. Furthermore, Motorola, subsidiary of Lenovo is also speculated to unveil its foldable smartphone in the month of June or July this year. Both the devices are expected to be priced under US$ 1500. 

The original patents for Lenovo’s foldable smartphone can be viewed here.


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