Oppo Patents Innovative Smartphones With Pop-Up Display & Side-Sliding Display

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Oppo Patents Innovative Smartphones With Pop-Up Display & Side-Sliding Display

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In an era where innovations are happening faster than any of us can fathom, Oppo is trying out an entirely different concept for its future smartphones. While this may initially seem non-significant to some people, Oppo might have something special in store here. The Chinese technology company has patented two mobile phone models, and no, they are not any sort of foldable devices. 

About The Patent

WIPO (World Intelectual Property Organization) published the patent on January 29, 2019. The patent originated from Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications, and it contained information regarding an “Electronic Device with a display panel”. The company that introduced one of the first pop-up camera modules in the market has now patented two new designs, one of which is a pop-up display design. That is right, the smartphone has a second display that pops out of the primary display. It may seem like an idea that no one has thought of previously, but Oppo has already put it on paper. And the design may have some really helpful functionalities.

Pop-Up Display Smartphone

The first design is that of a pop-up display, and it is very similar to a pop-up camera’s mechanism, except the fact that instead of a camera, a screen pops out. Obviously, the second display is much slimmer and narrower than the main display of the device, and for the same reason, it has almost one-third the height of the primary display. Seemingly, a telescopic mechanism helps the second narrower display to pop out of the device. Where some people may argue that it is a useless feature, it may actually be beneficial for those who multitask a lot and use the keyboard in the portrait mode.

Side-Sliding Display Smartphone

The second design is also aesthetically pleasing. As per images, the screen does not pop up from the top, instead, a second screen slides towards the left using a guide rail mechanism. This design may remind a lot of users of the HTC Desire Z device, which was released in September 2010, almost a decade ago. The design was very convenient for people who were used to conventional QWERTY typing at that time. Now, when QWERTY keyboards are literally the standard, slider phones may make a comeback soon, albeit without the physical buttons.

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Both the patented designs house the camera module and the earpiece in the top bezel, which is seemingly very narrow. The notchless design seen in the patent images is very pleasing to look at. Furthermore, Oppo is also planning to unveil its Reno Series of smartphones in April 2019. It is interesting to see how Oppo is targeting premium mid-range devices with smartphones that have innovative and impressive features.

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