Research Claims Most Pixel And OnePlus Buyers Are Former Samsung Smartphone Owners

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Research Claims Most Pixel And OnePlus Buyers Are Former Samsung Smartphone Owners

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Google first launched its Pixel lineup of smartphones in the year 2016. The devices were targeted at the premium segment and were intended to lure the buyers of the Apple iPhones. Like the latter, Google handsets promised a clean, software experience with reliable hardware integration and optimisation. While the Pixel smartphones have reached their third iteration with the Pixel 3/3 XL last year, their original goal still seems far fetched. In a fresh report by known research organization Counterpoint, it is claimed the major Pixel and OnePlus smartphone buyers are former users of Samsung devices.

The Results Of The Research

The aforementioned research was conducted by Counterpoint in the US during Q4 of the year 2018. Smartphones that the study was administered on were the Pixel 3 duo and the OnePlus 6T. The results of the research showed almost 51 percent users of the aforementioned Pixel devices were former users of Samsung smartphones. On the other hand, around 37 percent of OnePlus 6T users are past users of Samsung devices. This was followed by former Apple smartphone users in both cases with an 18 and 16 percent share respectively. It is further followed by Motorola by a 14 percent stake in case of the Pixel; and LG by a 15 percent share in case of OnePlus.

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Interestingly, both the Pixel and OnePlus smartphones represent a different price segment. While the former is priced at a premium, the latter is a more affordable flagship handset. The research notes that the aggressive marketing strategy adopted by Google and the affordability of OnePlus handsets is the major reason behind the above results. Samsung smartphones have also always been rated behind the above-mentioned devices in terms of software experience. Notably, the main competition of Google, as mentioned above is Apple, whose users still hold an 18 per cent share in terms of switching to a Pixel handset. Therefore, in the case of both the OEMs, the share of former Android users is more than 80 percent.

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