Sony PlayStation 5 With 8K Graphics Teased In An Interview

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Sony PlayStation 5 With 8K Graphics Teased In An Interview

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Sony’s PlayStation (PS) brand is one of the most well known when it is about gaming consoles. The last iteration, PS4 was released back in the year 2013 and was met with a great reception from fans of the brand. It has been long speculated that the company will release a successor to the console, allegedly called the PS5. In an interview with a reputed media organization, a senior Sony executive has revealed the details of the upcoming gaming console. According to the executive, the PlayStation 5 will support 8K graphics and will be backwards compatible to PS4.

PlayStation 5

According to the Sony executive, the PlayStation 5 will be more than just an incremental update to its predecessor. As mentioned above, the next-gen gaming console will support 8K graphics. However, the users will need to possess compatible display to run games and other media in 8K. Also revealed by him was the PS5 and the PS4 share similar architecture, which would lead to backwards compatibility on the former on the games made for the latter. When the new console launches eventually, the games released will be compatible with both the consoles initially and then may be made exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 4

More details about the Sony PlayStation 5 reveal a new CPU based on the third-gen AMD Ryzen lineup. For graphics performance, the company will make use of a custom GPU based on the AMD Radeon Navi. This is supposed to bring ray-tracing support for the first time in gaming consoles. Ray tracing is a revolutionary way to deliver better gameplay graphics. It makes use of the way light reflects off surfaces to render realistic graphics and was introduced last year by NVIDIA with its RTX 2080 graphics card.

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A monumental change with the introduction of the PlayStation 5 will be the introduction of Solid State Drives (SSDs) in the gaming console. The company claims it will improve load times of certain games drastically; and will deliver speeds never capable from a conventional Hard Drive. Sony will also be introducing a new 3D audio unit inside the console. This is expected to increase the immersive experience while playing the game on speakers or headphones. While the company hasn’t announced when the PlayStation 5 will release, it is expected to be unveiled early next year.

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