Best Wired Headphones In India Under Rs. 1,000 For April 2019

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Best Wired Headphones In India Under Rs. 1,000 For April 2019

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Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models in the year 2017. Since then, many more smartphone OEMs like Huawei, HTC and Sony have expelled the ill-fated headphone jack from their devices. But, the option of listening to music from wired headphones still remains very popular today. Buying the perfect pair can be a daunting task because of the sheer number of options available today. To make the choice easier, we have combined the five best headphones available in the market today for under Rs 1,000. 

Boat Rockers 900

Boat is a well-known brand when it is about audio products and the Rockers 900 are no different. Featuring a lightweight and compact design, the headphones are very comfortable to wear and easy to carry which make them an ideal choice for frequent travellers. The in-line microphone and controls are intuitive and provide easy command over the music and calls over the headset. In terms of sound quality, the headphones have a punchy bass, which is common for the company’s products and have decent mids and lows. 

Sony MDR-ZX110A Wired Headphones

Sony products are generally known for their great audio performance and the MDR-ZX110A continue the legacy. The ridiculous name aside, the fit and finish of the headphones are comfortable and snug. A major downside of them is the lack of any microphone or any inline control of any sort. The sound output of the headphones is typical Sony, with balanced audio with a focus on trebles and the lack of any overpowering bass. Their association with a renowned brand, along with a good audio output make them one of the best choices under Rs. 1,000.

Phillips SHP1900/10

The Phillips wired headphones are a big set of headsets. They feature unusually large earcups, which make sure they provide good noise isolation. The headsets also have a comfortable fit, which makes them easy to wear for a longer period of time. The sound quality of the headphones is great for the price, with a punchy treble and lows. All the above points make them one of the best choices for people looking to buy a headset under Rs. 1,000.

Leaf Rock Wired Headphones

Leaf has quickly become a brand to watch out for in quality audio products. The Leaf Rock wired headphones are arguably one of the best looking ones in the price range. Along with the looks, they have a comfortable fit which lets them be worn for a longer period of time. The sound quality is great for the price, with great bass, quality treble and lows. 

Panasonic RP-HF100M-K 

Available in four eye-popping colours, the wired headphones by Panasonic are also a great looking pair of headsets. They feature a comfortable fit, which can be folded for easy portability. The sound quality of the headphones is good for the price, with great clarity, good midrange and trebles. Although the bass is not as punchy as some people would like, the more balanced approach should be fine for most users. The plethora of features offered by the headphones makes it one of the best deals under Rs. 1,000.

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