Google Maps Will Now Provide Info on Trains and Buses In India

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Google Maps Will Now Provide Info on Trains and Buses In India

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In a modern day world where time is money, information regarding an individual’s commute is extremely important. In Indian states like Mumbai where trains are the most common form of transportation for the masses, details regarding the status of various trains is quite crucial. In a new announcement, Google has unveiled its plans for adding practical (and much needed) features to Google Maps for its Indian user base.Google Maps

With the new update, Google Maps can provide the user with real-time information on bus travel times derived from live traffic conditions. Furthermore, users will now also be able to track live statuses of Indian Railway trainsThe update is set to be introduced to ten major cities in the country. A mixed-mode commute feature will also be introduced. This feature combines auto-rickshaws with public transport for a more detailed route to the user’s destination.

Bus & Public Transport

The aforementioned feature will work hand-in-hand with Google Maps pre-existing live traffic data and public bus schedules. This will provide accurate travel times regarding buses in real-time. Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Chennai, Mysore, Coimbatore, and Surat will be the first cities to receive this feature. The new update will be tested out for the first time in the real world and will help in relaying more detailed information regarding buses to the users.

Indian Railways

Trains will also receive a similar set of updates. Information regarding delays and travel times will now be available on Google Maps. Upon searching for the user’s current location and destination, the app will provide inter-state data regarding train routes. This feature was developed with the help of ‘Where is my train’ app, that was acquired by Google in the year 2018.

Mixed-Mode Commute

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With the inclusion of the new mixed-mode feature, route results now also highlight auto-rickshaws. This form of travel is popular in India for quick and short duration rides. Google Maps will suggest rickshaws during trips in public transport only if it is a viable alternative. This particular feature, however, will be only available in Delhi and Bangalore and will eventually spread to other cities as well.

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