Samsung Has Started Research On 6G Networks At A New Center

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Samsung Has Started Research On 6G Networks At A New Center

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At a time where 5G networks are still in their developing times, South Korean technology giant Samsung has already begun research on 6th Generation networks. That is right, the company which is gearing up to launch one of the first 5G smartphones in the market is also looking towards 6G networks. There is absolutely no information regarding the availability of such technology yet, but the fact that advancements are overstepping even the current iteration of the technology is very interesting to witness.

Samsung 6G

An official from Samsung stated that the organization is already scoping out initial research points by launching a brand-new research centre. The company recently established its Advanced Communications Research Center under Samsung Research. This is one of the company’s main R&D (Research And Development) divisions, and as per reports, it is based in Southern Seoul (the capital of South Korea).

Samsung S10 5G

The company had a team of researchers already working on fifth generation networks, which will now be expanded to the level of an all-round research centre as per reports. Furthermore, the newly set up centre will focus solely on 6G networks, even though analysts predict that 6G networks will not be commercially viable until the year 2030. This is almost 11 years from now, so 6G demos might not even be available until the year 2027 or later.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

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An additional piece of news states that Samsung Research is also in charge of R&D for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics. Apparently, the company is venturing into future technologies that may set it apart from other electronics manufacturers in the not-so-distant future. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G is already rolling out to exclusive Verizon customers in the United States. Demo tests of the same have showcased insanely fast data download speeds, so it is just a speculation that 6G technology will provide speeds that are not even imaginable. 

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