Huawei Has Shipped 1 Million Phones With Their Own OS

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Huawei Has Shipped 1 Million Phones With Their Own OS

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In the month of May 2019, US Commerce department barred all American companies from having any trade relations with the Chinese tech titan, Huawei. The ban has been implemented on the basis of accusations that claim the Chinese company spies on user data with the help of back doors installed on its devices. This move has pushed the company in an uneasy spot where it cannot use either Android or Windows on its smartphones or computers.

However, the company is working rigorously to neutralise the havoc that the trade ban has caused. Huawei was previously reported to be working on its own operating system for mobile devices which is expected to debut later this year. The said OS is allegedly called HongMeng and is reported to be cross compatible with Android OS. This implies that applications from the Android platform will work seamlessly with the upcoming OS from Huawei. According to a fresh report published by China Daily, Huawei has already shipped 1 million smartphones with the HongMeng OS onboard for testing. Besides supporting Android applications, the OS is claimed to have increased security functions to protect personal data.

The OS will support mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions, cars and even smart wearable devices revealed a senior Huawei executive in a WeChat group involving some internet experts. Intriguingly, Huawei has not started working on the OS following the US ban. Instead, the company has been developing such an operating system for over half a decade. This move was taken as the company had previously anticipated the rising dominance of Western companies in the field of software.

Another report published by South China Morning Post states that in the year 2012, Huawei’s founder arranged a closed door meeting in the company’s heavily guarded premised that lasted for several days. The meeting was intended so that the top official could brainstorm the development of an OS that would safeguard the company’s future if a deal with the US goes bad. Reports also suggest that the company has pumped billions of dollars in the project since its inception without any form of direct contribution to the company’s revenue.

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It seems that Huawei which is a leader across several fields of technologies has also maintained a strong grip in ensuring that it’s hard earned dominance stays regardless of tough times. All in all, Huawei has tackled the massive destruction causing trade ban with strong preparation. Though we will have to wait patiently till the hyped up HongMeng OS is officially rolled out later this year. 

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