Nube Gaming Smartphone With Extendable Gamepad

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Nube Gaming Smartphone With Extendable Gamepad

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Handheld gaming machines have been in the entertainment industries for almost 40 years now. These type of devices have always been a hit or miss with the audiences centred around gaming. Sony is a great example of this with the successful PlayStation Portable aka PSP and the subsequent failure of the PlayStation Vita. However, with the mobile gaming market being the largest revenue generator for the industry, it was inevitable that hybrid technology would be born soon. Nube Mobile is currently developing one such gaming device.


Specifications & Design

The company which is largely unheard of had patented designs last year regarding an extendable smartphone. These extended forms now include buttons such as controller D-pads and even joysticks, and may even feature special cooling functions. Nube Mobiles is based in Hong Kong and also works off of Spain in Malaga. According to the company’s own website, development is underway regarding two products. “One is a new smartphone for new players” while the other is a “new game based on one of the most popular films of the moment.”


The product in question is probably the hybrid device which at a glance would resemble a regular handset with bezels at the top and bottom. In addition to this, the key feature manifests itself once the corners bezels are pulled out from the device. Once fully extended gamepad buttons will flank the screen from the left and right sides. This, in turn, makes the smartphone look like a Nintendo Switch since the button layout is entirely similar. The Nube Gaming Mobile would although likely sport a larger and higher resolution display than the 6.2-inch HD screen found on the Switch.

Nube’s hybrid device has its buttons slightly encaved within the smartphone, just enough to slide in behind the screen. This makes it a practical smartphone and handheld gaming system simultaneously. Optional gamepad for smartphone do exist in the market, but no other company has it in-built within their handsets. Apart from the gaming peripherals, the essential front sensors are provided on the top like any other smartphone. The left side houses the volume rockers while the right has the power button along with two SIM card slots. The charging port is found at the bottom of the device alongside the apparently lone speaker on the left. 

Nube Mobile’s upcoming smartphone only has a single camera at the back with a flash. Notably, the camera modules will move when the controls are extended due to their placement. Unfortunately, internal specifications cannot be discerned but going by the trend, a high refresh rate with a powerful processor is expected. The device will also probably be powered by a large battery pack. The website claims that Nube Mobile’s have 5 years of video game industry experience and that the new products will be introduced soon.


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With the mobile gaming market surpassing the PC and consoles in terms of revenue generated, a new shift in development focus has already started. Popular game studios for the aforementioned platforms are now taking the mobile market more seriously. This is evident with Activision bringing the Call Of Duty experience to smartphones. Official launch dates or any information was not provided by the company, but according to the website, the announcement would’ve been made in April. More updates are expected soon since the month has long since passed.

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