Xiaomi Now Wants To Sell Toys In India, Mi Truck Builder Is Its First Offering

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Xiaomi Now Wants To Sell Toys In India, Mi Truck Builder Is Its First Offering

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Whenever we think about Xiaomi, the first thing that comes to our mind is smartphones (1,2) or maybe televisions. However, these two categories just hold a small percentage of share in the company’s ever-expanding portfolio of products. Beside electronics, Xiaomi even sells lifestyle products, electric mobility vehicles to even kids toys. The latest addition to the company’s lineup in India is the “Mi Truck Builder” which falls in the toys category.

As the images suggest, it is a kit of 530+ lego styled modular blocks which that can be joined together to form a scaled dump truck or a bulldozer. According to Xiaomi, the Mi Truck Builder helps in developing creativity and cognitive function of young children whom the product is targeted towards. 

The Mi Truck Builder is currently available on Xiaomi India’s crowdfunding website at an introductory price of Rs 1,199. Notably, the company will only offer 1500 units at this price which when accomplished the pre-bookings will halt. User’s who want to buy the toy kit thereafter will be able to purchase it for the regular price of Rs 1,499.

The crowdfunding of the Mi Truck Builder is currently live and it will continue till the 8th of July. However, the delivery of orders will commence on the 25th of July.

Besides the regular functionality of a push toy, the Mi Truck Builder also has a few nifty tricks up its sleeve. The dumper on the back of the truck, when in dump truck formation, can pivot in order to load or unload materials or other small toys that the kid would have. In addition, it can shoot projectiles via the cannons that are mounted on top. 

All in all, Xiaomi is trying to reach another set of audience for offering products in such varied categories. Although Xiaomi did not mention, the fact could be that the young children, when introduced to products from the company, will develop a sense of familiarity and affinity with the brand. Therefore, they would be inclined towards purchasing more offerings made by the company.

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Nevertheless, in a digital world where even young children are subjected to screens for extended periods of time, toys like the Mi Truck Builder can help children with hands-on experience which can lead them to discover an untapped talent.

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