Redmi K20 Lineup Will Receive A Price Cut From 1st August

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Redmi K20 Lineup Will Receive A Price Cut From 1st August

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Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi is recognised for selling smartphones at an aggressive price and wafer-thin profit margins. Surprisingly, the company has further reduced the price of its several offerings which includes the freshly launched Redmi K20 lineup, 2

The price cut will be implemented from the 1st of August and is currently limited to the Chinese market. Though it is assumed that similar price cuts may also be implemented in India in the near future. 

Redmi K20 Pro Price CutFollowing is the list of Redmi smartphones that will  receive a price cut:

Model Storage Variant 1 Storage Variant 2
Redmi K20 Pro

6 GB + 128 GB

Before: CNY 2599 (around Rs 25,990)

After: CNY 2299 (around Rs 22,990)

8 GB + 128 GB

Before: CNY 2799 (around Rs 27,990)

After: CNY 2499 (around Rs 24,990)

Redmi K20

6 GB + 128 GB

Before: CNY 2099 (around Rs 20,990)

After: CNY 1999 (around Rs 19,990)

Redmi Note 7 Pro

6 GB + 64 GB

Before: CNY 1399 (around Rs 13,990)

After: CNY 1199 (around Rs 11,990)


Redmi Note 7

3 GB + 32 GB

Before: CNY 799 (around Rs 7,990)

After: CNY 699 (around Rs 6,990)

4 GB + 64 GB

Before: CNY 999 (around Rs 9,990)

After: CNY 899 (around Rs 8,990)

Redmi 7A

2 GB + 16 GB

Before: CNY 549 (around Rs 5,490)

After: CNY 499 (around Rs 4,990)


The reason for the price cut is unknown, however, this could be due to a reduction in the cost of components which are generally observed with all companies, not just Xiaomi. Nevertheless, this is a praiseworthy step which reflects that the company is sticking to its belief of ‘honest pricing’.  

As previously mentioned, Xiaomi is yet to confirm whether such a price cut will be implemented in India.Redmi Note 7 Pro Price Cut

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Though, taking the fact into consideration, that about 5,000 Indian netizens have signed a petition on to reduce the price of the Redmi K20 by Rs 2,000. Xiaomi could pass on such benefits to its Indian audience. 

To sum it up, the unforeseen price cut is sweet move from Xiaomi which will undoubtedly boost sales to a great extent. 

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