Vivo Smartphones Might Soon Get A New Name

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Vivo Smartphones Might Soon Get A New Name

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Earlier this month, Chinese smartphone maker, Vivo applied for a trademark with the title name ‘VivoX’. It was assumed that the company might launch a flagship device which will carry the moniker. However, a new report suggests that this is not the case. 

Instead, the company wants to make a larger change with the newly filed trademark. Vivox will not be the name of a new smartphone, rather, it will be the new company name. VivoX Trademark

Vivo has filed eight trademark applications with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) which include Vivox APEX, Vivox NEX, Vivox S, Vivox U, Vivox V, Vivox Y, Vivox Z and Vivox IQOO.

All the applications are categorised as Class 9 with a description text containing ‘smartphone or mobile phone’. The suffix added to different smartphone lineup clearly indicates that the previously mentioned renaming of the brand is likely to happen. 

Besides, the applications have also made another interesting revelation. Out of the eight lineups, five are already publicised while the remaining three are unreleased lineups which include the ‘V’, ‘X’ and ‘Y’ branding.

VivoX TrademarkAccording to a German technology blog, the company has already registered the VivoX name in almost every country. Consequently, the official renaming can happen anytime soon. 

In addition, another theory is being derived, that VivoX branded smartphones will be limited to Europe where the company will soon start selling its offerings. Whereas, other countries will continue to get devices with Vivo brand name. 

The company has scheduled a press conference in India on the 7th of August which will see the unveiling of the first S-series smartphone from Vivo. Additionally, more details about the renaming of the company are also expected to be revealed at the same event.VivoX Trademark

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Conclusively, in order to verify all the claims, we won’t have to wait for long as the launch event is scheduled to happen soon. 

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