HALO 4 comes to the Gaming world with a Bang

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HALO 4 comes to the Gaming world with a Bang

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Microsofts biggest game series ever HALO will get its newest edition the HALO 4 to the world today. Microsoft hopes the return of the laconic green-armored super-soldier protagonist of Halo, which has generated $3 billion of revenue since its 2001. The Game launched in 40 countries starting midnight tuesday. The Halo series, made by Microsoft Game Studios, spearheaded the company’s foray into gaming that began with the 2001 launch of the first Xbox. It has sold more than 46 million copies to date and helped the console lead the market ahead of Sony’s

The Game will be launched and will compete alongside Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty Enterprise.

[quote] “Because there hasn’t been a game to star “Master Chief” for five years, there’s a bit of a pent-up demand,” said Ryan McCaffrey, Xbox Executive editor at videogame website “Call of Duty has taken over as the most popular game on the Xbox, so I think it will be very close,” [/quote]

HALO 4 is expected to haul a large gaming re-ignition with Microsoft, and is being pegged at the biggest thing to have happened to Gaming since the original HALO. Microsoft also held a massive launch event last week in the small country of Liechtenstein in Europe. Some historic landmarks and the countryside of the 62-square mile nation was transformed into a futuristic Halo-like universe and reporters were allowed to test the game.

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