Microsoft will kill the Messenger, merge it with Skype

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Microsoft will kill the Messenger, merge it with Skype

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Microsoft has announced that it will retire long time messaging champion MSN Messenger and will streamline transition into recently acquired Skype. The Skype client added support for Messenger contacts and chat just two weeks ago, when version 6 was released. Within six months, the Skype client will be the only option available for connecting to Messenger contacts.

Though the Skype client now connects to both Skype and Messenger networks (and Facebook too), the networks are at present still separate, and there’s no bridging between the two. Microsoft is working on moving users in a fast way, Messenger users signing in to Skype for the first time have to either merge their account with their own Skype account, or create a new Skype account if they don’t have an existing one. Users of the Skype client can see both networks; Messenger clients, whether first- or third-party, will only see Messenger users.

For those worried about their buddy list, rest assured the list will be transferred to Skype.


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