LG Denies New Nexus Phone After Rumours Surface

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LG Denies New Nexus Phone After Rumours Surface

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Getting hold of an LG Nexus 4 through Google’s official device store hasn’t been an easy task. It’s been two months since release day, and throughout most of that time the device has been either sold out or on back-order. It’s safe to say that the Google Play buying experience has been less than ideal for many.

Last week, some sites reported on a new rumour out of the LG camp. It was a thin rumour with little evidence to back it up, but it went like this: LG is not having trouble producing Nexus 4?s, but is rather ramping down production in order to replace it with a new Nexus phone, likely a Nexus 5, in time for Mobile World Congress.

There are some shaky rumours out there — heck, even we report on some from time to time — but this one was just ridiculous. The truth is out there, folks, and that story contained none of it. Instead, it looks like LG is producing Nexus 4?s as fast as it can make them, and there are other reasons why they’re not getting into users’ hands. And it’s pretty simple.  LG has said that the rumors about the company working on a new Nexus device are “unfounded”.

[quote]LG is cranking out Nexus 4?s as quickly as it can make them; according to a company representative, there is nothing fishy going on. “There is no problem [with] supply,” he said, indicating the company’s Pyeongtaek factory is producing the device “without a hitch.” We should see more stock in the Play Store soon — that sales channel isn’t going anywhere, and will still be the preferred method for most people — but it will also expand into new areas.[/quote]

Yes, it’s frustrating that you can’t buy one today in India, and likely won’t be able to in the coming future.

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