Samsung 65 inch and 55 inch 4K TVs launch in June, to hit India around Diwali

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Samsung 65 inch and 55 inch 4K TVs launch in June, to hit India around Diwali

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Samsung has announced that it will launch smaller variants of the 85 inch 4k TV we saw earlier this year. The two variants will bring economies of scale to the 4K TV lineup with a 65 inch and a 55 inch 4K will be launched in June. 

The Pricing on the smaller variants will ensure that the people stay interested in this technology and it does not become another Blue-Ray fiasco. The new TVs will also have Samsung’s upgradeable Smart TV platform and the “micro dimming ultimate” LED lighting. To the relief of most of the future buyers/owners the horrendous frame was not listed, and may not be included in the smaller, designed for home variants. 

Read the translated PR below, or head on over to the link for a Korean flavored version. 

Samsung India has verified that the company will carry the units around Diwali season. Aditya Gupta who is a sales manager at Samsung Electronics, said;

The company is very excited about the new 4K lineup, and has seen huge response from India for the 85 inch variant. Samsung expects a large number of sales of their smaller 4K TVs especially if launched during Diwali season


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Samsung UHD TV and launching a new product type 65, type 55 in June to embark on UHD TV market.

Samsung plans to strengthen market leadership UHD TV launched in January followed by the 85-UHD TV basing the additional five months in two sizes, the new UHD TV.

UHD TV, 65 type, 55 type, the newly released Samsung boasts the highest level of quality technology to further enhance the clarity and vividness of the image, of course, the resolution is four times higher than the existing Full HD TV.

Apply our own quality across the four steps, such as improving the noise of the screen, up-scaling, improved quality detail engine algorithms automatic detection and resolution of the original video signal, standard-definition (SD) and Full HD video all enjoy a clearer picture of the UHD class can

In addition to share the details of the screen block (Micro Dimming Micro Dimming Ultimate Ultimate) technology presents a clearer picture on the screen handle every detail each block to step 3 for each contrast, detail keolreogam, and maximize the quality and sophisticated analysis. .

UHD TV UHD TV lineup, expanding world markets, spurring these Samsung TV market in the world for seven consecutive years as one of the leading companies in the best UHD TV technology based on next-generation TV to market preemption me out of a clear commitment expressed.

UHD broadcasts indefinite standard, especially in situations where Samsung Electronics ‘Evolution kit’ in all the UHD TV future UHD broadcast standards determined fully able to cope.

‘Evolution kit’ Samsung TV’s central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware to software change to the latest version at the same time, of course, is the only state-of-the-art technology.

UHD TV lineup more in line with the market trend of increasingly larger televisions in the big screen so you can enjoy a more vivid picture has expanded, “said Lee Sun – Woo, vice president of Samsung Electronics Visual Display Division imaging strategy marketing team as” the world’s # 1 TV makers UHD of a wide range of innovative products, including TV market leader in next-generation TV to realize the ‘the infinite gap’ competitiveness, “he said.

Is expected to nearly double to 793 million in 2016, more than 60 types, according to market research firm DisplaySearch, the demand for a large TV from 440 million units in 2012.

In, UHD TV market demand grows increasingly large TV’s, began in earnest this year, from 93 million units in 2013, and is expected to jump 987 million in 2016, more than ten times as


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