Report : Internet Explorer 10 Is the Most Energy-Efficient Browser on Windows 8

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Report : Internet Explorer 10 Is the Most Energy-Efficient Browser on Windows 8

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Microsoft loves its Internet Explorer browser and has no problem showing off to the world what it is capable of doing. This time around, IE is championing a new title as the most energy efficient browser on Windows 8.

According to the new findings, Internet Explorer 10 is the most energy-efficient browser on Windows 8, using less energy than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to display a large number of websites.

The study discovered some pretty miniscule changes between each browser when it came to situations like “Average, Top 10 Websites” and “Fishbowl Benchmarks.” However, the introduction of Flash into the test showed a fairly substantial change between browser power consumption, with Internet Explorer consuming approximately 18.6 percent less wattage than Google Chrome.

“In the above scenarios, Internet Explorer 10 exhibited the lowest energy consumption. In some scenarios such as playing Adobe Flash video on laptop PCs, it was 18% more energy efficient than Google Chrome, and it was 17% more efficient than Mozilla Firefox in playing HTML5 video,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft goes so far as to say that if every single Chrome and Firefox user switched to Internet Explorer 10, it would save enough energy to power over 10,000 US homes for a year.

“This is enough energy to power 10,722 households in the United States for an entire year [and] would eliminate the release of over 85,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions,” it said.

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