Panasonic Showcases its New Range of VIERA LED Televisions and Projectors

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Panasonic Showcases its New Range of VIERA LED Televisions and Projectors

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Panasonic yesterday launched its new range of VIERA LED and Plasma Televisions in India. The new lineup consists of 4 new Smart VIERA-Home enabled Televisions, with a wide range of pricing options, ranging from INR 43,000  to 1,95,000.

Model number – Pricing 

TH-L32E6D –      43,000

TH-L42E6D –      65,000

TH-P60S60D –   1,32,000

TH-L55DT60D-  1,95,000

The new lineup of TVs feature Panasonic’s ‘My Home Screen’ which detects the Users face and shows a personalized home screen, that enables you to watch TV and view your apps and Widgets on the side of the broadcast.

[youtube id=”pF-sMThjPGU” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

The company claims that these televisions have a 100Hz backlighting and dot noise reduction which will enhance motion clarity and will be useful to improve standard definition content. These televisions also have the Swipe and Share feature which allows users to share content via any smart phone or tablet, and the new app even allows you to download any image that any one might have swiped on the TV. At one time upto 4 users can swipe and share images on the same TV using the new Smart Viera 2 App.

[youtube id=”Nb_37w2ZFwk” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

The company also shared some new accessories like the touch pad controller which helps you to interact with your TV through your voice. The other one is the Touch Pen which allows us to edit, draw and save photos, this accessory can be used on the live broadcast as well. Below are three images, which shows the art made by the artist standing next to it, he even made a caricature of an audience member. 


Panasonic has also launched 17 new Small and Home Office projectors. These projectors are PT-CW330 ulra-short-throw projectors and PT-TW330 normal short throw projectors. The new series includes PT-CW330, PT-CW240 and PT-CX300 as well as three interactive models that have pen capabilities PT-CW331R, PT-CW241R and PT-CX301R. The company claims all these projectors are suitable for classroom lectures, presentation, digital signage and more .

The PT-CW330 series gives up to 3100 lumens and the contrast ratio of 8000:1. These projectors generate an 80 inches display from less than 2 feet away, which prevents the shadows being cast by the presenters. Whereas, the PT-CW331R. PT-CW241R and PT-CX301R has built-in interactive features which enables two users to work together with the help of IR pens. The projector senses the movement of the pens and accordingly gives you an experience of using a touch screen, no matter where the projection is being projected.

The PT-CW330 series includes a built-in 10 watt speaker, and the company claims a upto 5,000 hour lamp replacement cycle. These projectors are also 3D ready, the price of this series ranges from 75,000 to 95,000 INR.

PT-TW330 series has 5 models from which two are interactive, the price ranges from 49,000 to 74,000 INR.

Panasonic also launched new projectors in the Portable Range Including the PT-LW271 series which are designed for the price sensitive volume zone market as per the company. This series comprises of the PT-LW271 with 2700 lumens, PT-LX351 with 3500 lumens, PT-LX300 with 3200 lumens and PT-LX270 with 2700 lumens. These projectors have a lamp replacement cycle of upto 10,000, when the projector is in auto mode, claims Panasonic. The new portable range of projectors come with HDMI ports and price ranges from 35,000 to 52,000 INR.


[toggle title=”Press Release “]Panasonic showcases its New Range of VIERA LED TVs and Portable

Range Interactive Ultra Short-Throw, Short throw and Portable 1-Chip

DLP™ Projectors

Panasonic has brought a world full of entertainment with its new series of Viera TVs. The new range

consist of models that have an attractive and slim line designs. This series of Panasonic LED TV’s

gives you superior audio output, for a wonderful cinematic experience and offers you various

other features which make them a lot more than just a Smart TV.

The new line up provides our customers with a wide range of pricing options so that each

customer can choose a suitable model at their own discretion. The new series start from the THL32E6D model which is available at Rs. 43,000. It goes up to TH-L42E6D available at Rs. 65,000,

the TH-P60S60D priced at Rs 1,32,000 to the highest priced model TH-L55DT60D available at Rs.


Additional features like My Home Screen gives you a user-friendly experience by providing everything

you need in one place, combining the best of broadcast and internet in one space and an instant

access to the user’s favourite content. You can easily access the LED Television by the Voice

Interaction and Voice Guidance features which makes TV watching a fascinating experience and

gives the users a way to control their viewing conveniently. It also has 100Hz backlighting and

dot noise reduction which enhances its fast motion clarity and improves the standard definition of

broadcast content. It renders the individualistic functionality of the Swipe, Share & Back 2.0 feature

which one can utilize by linking a smartphone or tablet device to the TV. It renders the Panasonic

Viera Remote which lets you comfortably operate the Panasonic Viera TV. It provides a practical

usability as one can freely share content like photos, videos, and web pages with family and friends

and achieve easy operation. Touch Pen also adds to the unique features of the range allowing the

user to edit, draw & save photos even on a moving frame. These features establish the company’s

main motto of “Smart TV Made Easy”.

Continuing its focus on innovation and catering to the needs of its customers Panasonic has also

rolled out PT-CW330 Series of ultra-short-throw projectors and PT-TW330 series of normal short

throw projectors. The new series includes the PT-CW330, PT-CW240, PT-CX300 as well as three
interactive models that have dual pen capabilities, the PT-CW331R, PT-CW241R and PT-CX301R.

All of these projectors are well suited for a host of applications where space is limited and high image

quality is critical, including classroom lectures, corporate presentations, digital signage and more.

With up to 3,100 lumens and a contrast ratio of 8,000:1, the PT-CW330 Series produces crisp, clear

images. Models PT-CW330, PT-CW240 and PT-CW331R are able to generate an 80” diagonal image

from less than 2 feet away, delivering large image projection in confined spaces, without the fear of

shadows being cast by presenters.

The PT-CW331R, PT-CW241R and PT-CX301R built-in interactive features enables two users to

simultaneously write on the image using IR pens that deliver smooth and natural lines. The result is

an engaging classroom or corporate experience, without requiring a dedicated interactive whiteboard.

PT-CW330 Series projectors include a built in 10 Watt speaker, up to 5,000 hour lamp replacement


and CrestronRoomView™ compatibility. The projectors are also 3D capable, ideal for


classroom education, special projection displays in exhibitions and digital signage. The price for

CW330 series range from Rs. 75,000 to Rs.95, 0000

PT-TW330 series has 5 models out of which two are interactive .The price ranges from Rs.49, 000 to


Further strengthening the model line, Panasonic India announced the new portable range of 1 Chip

DLP projectors, The PT-LW271 Series meant for price sensitive volume zone market.The PT-LW271

Series is comprised of the PT-LW271 with 2,700 lumens and WXGA resolution, PT-LX351 with 3,500

lumens and XGA resolution, PT-LX300 with 3,200 lumens and XGA resolution and PT-LX270 with

2,700 lumens and XGA resolution. Most attractive is the 10,000 hrs maximum Lamp replacement

cycle, when the projector is set to auto mode, thus reducing the total cost of ownership by a huge

amount. Along with a high contrast ratio of up to 4000:1 and equipped with HDMI input, the PTLW271 Series delivers superb basic performance in a compact and lightweight body. Combining

mobility and flexibility with quality and performance, the PT-LW271 series is perfect for the modern

business. The price for PT-LW271 series ranges from Rs.35, 000 to 52,000.[/toggle]

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