Sony Launches MDR-10/RNC,MDR-10RBT and NWZ-WH303 Headphones in India

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Sony Launches MDR-10/RNC,MDR-10RBT and NWZ-WH303 Headphones in India

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Sony India today launched three new headphones for its consumers, the MDR-10/RNC and the MDR-10 RBT are priced at 14990 INR each. Sony also launched NWZ-WH303 3 in 1 headphones priced at 8990 INR. Whereas, the MDR-10/RNC is available in the market whereas the MDR-10 RBT will be available in the market by the end of November.


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This new headphone from Sony features Digital Noise Canceling, it has Sony’s own DNC software engine and Dual Sensor Technology, during the launch it was said that most of the noise canceling headphones available in the market sports one sensor but the new one from Sony has a Dual Sensor Technology.

The device has high precision canceling which is generated by the digital signal processing and the microphones which are located on both the inside and outside the housings. The MDR-10/RNC sports Automatic Artificial Intelligence Noise Canceling Function and has Digital Equalizer with a fully digital S-Master amplifier. This headphone from Sony is priced at 14990 INR and is now available in the market.




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This new headphone from the company comes equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC, the company claims a one touch and easy connection. With these headphones users can enjoy music through a wireless connection. Also, this device sports an built in microphone to allows hands free conversations The MDR-10RBT headphones have 40 mm driver units which provide wideband (5Hz-40 kHz)  audio and supports AAC, atpX Codec which the company claims will play music with high quality. The device is priced at 14990 INR and will be available in the market by end of November 2013.



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Besides these two headphones, Sony also launched a 3 in 1 Headphone, NWZ-WH303 is a Music Player, a Speaker and a Headphone as well. The device is priced at 8990 INR and is now available in the market. 

This 3 in 1 headphone features a new design with some new features, the device has an built in Music Player Mode which has a 4 GB of memory, it also has a new Speaker mode which allows users to get some music when they cannot put in the headphones around. Users can simply put the headphones around the neck and cherish the music from the built in speakers, this was actually related to an example during the launch: If you are driving its not possible to put the headphone on because its not safe, so the Speaker Mode can be handy at that time and in various other scenarios. 

The Speaker Mode on the device has xLOUD which enhances the volume which provides a dynamic sound using the internal speakers. The Virtualphones Technology makes it possible for the device to produce natural sound. Besides the Speaker Mode, as this device is called as a 3 in 1 headphone it can also be used as an regular headphone and is packed with a 103 cm cable which can be plugged into smartphones or laptops. 

The device also has an Quick Charge, in which 3 minutes of charge will give 1 hour of music playback, moreover a full charge will allow music playback of nearly 20 hours. 

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