Sony To Launch A Rollable Smartphone To Compete Against Galaxy Fold

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Sony To Launch A Rollable Smartphone To Compete Against Galaxy Fold

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After a decade of smartphones with a rigid form factor, Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold that packs a large screen display in a compact form factor. Likewise, Huawei had also unveiled the Mate X which goes in line with the same philosophy, however, it implements a different design. Amidst display issues, the launch of both smartphones (1,2) has been pushed to a later date. By the time they go sale, Sony might unveil an unconventional smartphone which will join the pack of visionary smartphones. 

As per a fresh claim, Japanese electronics Titan, Sony is also working on a unique smartphone which will pack a large screen display in a much smaller and portable form factor. Noteworthy, instead of a foldable display, Sony’s offering will employ a rollable display. 

According to the source, the current prototype that Sony has in the works features a 10x zoom camera and is kitted with the SM7250 SoC. Though, the retail model will reportedly feature a Snapdragon 855 SoC along with the Qualcomm X50 modem. Therefore, the Sony smartphone will be 5G capable. In terms of battery, the device will be powered by a 3220 mAh cell which is most likely to support fast charging.

LG Smartphone Patent With Rollable Display

Talking more about the looks, the Sony smartphone is reported to have a nautilus design. In simpler words, it will have a spiral design which uncurls to present the rollable large screen display which is similar to a patent which was granted to LG in the past

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Even though Sony is yet to confirm the existence or possible launch of a smartphone with this type of form factor. Taking the fact into consideration that Sony has previously launched numerous unconventional smartphones in the Xperia lineup (1,2), this imaginary device has high feasibility of turning in to reality.

Besides, this would allow the company to steer ahead of the fiercely competent mass market and enter a niche segment where the margins are much higher. 

Conclusively, we will have to wait patiently as reports claim the unique Sony smartphone will launch in Q4 of 2019 or early 2020.

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