LG Is Developing A Smartphone With Rollable Display According To A Patent

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LG Is Developing A Smartphone With Rollable Display According To A Patent

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Smartphones with touchscreen displays were first launched in the late last decade. Brands across the globe have launched innumerable smartphones with this rectangular form factor. Although the size, thickness, weight of these devices vary from company to company; the overall design has not seen any radical changes. However, it is expected to change soon as manufacturers are developing smartphones with all new form factors. One notable form factor is smartphones with foldable displays that are about to launch soon. An LG patent reveals yet another type of smartphone form factor. According to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office), LG has been granted a patent for a smartphone that has a rollable display.

Possibilities and Advantages Of A Rollable Display

LG’s patent provides a small pointer about the form factor of the future smartphones. It can open a whole new world of possibilities for a portable device. The concept smartphone from LG when in its rolled state will be small enough to easily fit inside a pocket which can be easily rolled out to reveal the main display. Although the LG device is quite small, due to its rollable form factor it can offer a similar experience to that of a large screen tablet. This type of device from LG will further blur the lines between a smartphone and a tablet as it will be capable to serve the purpose of both.

LG Patent Revelations

The patent for the LG smartphone with a rollable display was spotted by a Dutch website, Letsgodigital. The patent is detailed enough to reveal the functioning of the conceptual smartphone. LG has previously demonstrated a 77-inch transparent flexible OLED display which indicates that the company surely has the know-how of this technology. The patent reveals an intriguing device with two halves that are conjoined with a rollable display panel. 

The left half of smartphone from the patent has a tall and narrow display which shows date, time and battery details. On the other hand, the right half seems to have a small circular button in the middle which might function as the home button. According to the patent, the rollable display can be stretched to multiple lengths. Each length showing a separate set of controls and icons. The left rear view of the device is completely free from any controls or buttons while the right half houses the volume controllers and another small circular button.

Expected Launch Date

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The patents are just an indistinct description of how LG conceptualises a smartphone with a rollable display. Therefore, it is hard to guess when such devices can make their way to the real world. However, LG can surprise the world by showcasing such a device at upcoming tech events like MWC, Design Thinking and Innovation Week.


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