#LetsTalkShop with Amit Boni from Motorola India

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#LetsTalkShop with Amit Boni from Motorola India

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When Motorola departed India in haste, shutting down operations and basically calling it quits, a large chunk of Moto believers were left disheartened. Motorola was always perceived as a quality brand, the real inventor of the mobile phone and an innovation driver.

With Motorola’s global operations in trouble the company took a breather to rework strategies and work towards exciting products says Amit Boni, who now heads Motorola Mobility India’s reenergized operations.

In a very candid and exciting conversation with the man we learnt that the company has inherited a lot of traits from ex-parent Google and the business strategies going forward seem to be well in order.

Motorola really researched the Indian market before returning with its new lineup, and found the Flipkart model to be a success runner and in a price conscious market like India, a steady pricing system.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”Amit Boni” author_title=”GM, Motorola Mobility India”]

We wanted to ensure our customers pay one price for our phones throughout India.


Amit says Motorola is keen to begin the relationship when the buyer purchases a Motorola product and will ensure that service is never an issue for the customer. The company has a strong foothold in India for service and Motorola is keen on expanding the service base.

Xiaomi is not a threat, says Amit, we are happy with competition and going forward are ready to provide a better consumer experience. This sort of competition helps us stay grounded he claims, allowing the company to know where they stand.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”Amit Boni” author_title=”GM, Motorola Mobility India”]

Xiaomi’s entry in India using Flipkart is a validation of Motorola’s excellent strategy


Motorola wants to bring products to India as fast as they can, and they are really excited for the Moto 360. The Moto 360 will suffice in a market that has seen some disappointing products, says Amit.

Moto 360 4

While he stayed mum on future products, he smiled through our questions and demand for some exciting news.

Watch the full video below for the juicy bits and a whole list of other questions.

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