T-Mobile Sues Huawei for Stealing Phone-Testing Robot Technology

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T-Mobile Sues Huawei for Stealing Phone-Testing Robot Technology

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T-mobile is suing Chinese equipment makers Huawei claiming that some of its employees tried to infiltrate the premises of the phone company to steal propriety technology. At the center of the dispute is the phone testing robot. T-Mobile states that Huawei made millions in profits using their technology.

T-mobile claims that Huawei’s representatives took multiple photographs of their testing equipment. It is also said that those staffers also replace parts and tried to break into the facilities when they were banned from the premises.

However, Huawei isn’t showing a belligerent stance. The company says that they have information about the incidents and the people responsible for the illegal activities have been fired from their company.

Corporate espionage is a menace that exists everywhere. In an era of cut throat competition, profits can be made using the slightest advantages over the competition and this is what the companies look to gain. It is unsure if the people responsible for the break-in were directed by their higher-ups, but Huawei’s confession will make this case a short-lived inconvenience for both companies.

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