Samsung’s New Super-Fast Wi-Fi System Might Just Be the Next Big Thing

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Samsung’s New Super-Fast Wi-Fi System Might Just Be the Next Big Thing

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Samsung is all set to launch a new Wi-Fi system on its devices that can let you download a 1 GB in movie in about three seconds. In an era of multimedia-heavy content, this system can help make Samsung devices desirable again. The company plans to bring this new system out in the market by next year.

The new technology works on 802.11ad (WiGig) Wi-Fi standard. It is capable of reaching a theoretical limit of 7Gbps, but Samsung’s version provides a speed of 4.6Gbps, that is also a fantastic speed to achieve. It will also help in creating a mobile work ecosystem when included with Cloud. It can be immensely beneficial to the artist community too; they can send across big data files within seconds to have a proactive, collaborative experience with partners from the world over.

The new technology

The new technology will be capable of providing breakneck speeds upto 4.6 Gbps

Samsung has developed a micro beam-forming control technology that can adapt to the changing environment in 1/3000 seconds. This means that the signals can be constant even if the device is on the move. Also, due to the high directionality of beams formed by its antennae, multiple devices can work at the same time without interfering with each other.

It seems like a real world innovation coming from Samsung’s stable. We would have just to wait till next year to check out if the devices based on this technology can actually stand up to the hype. Though it will take some time to reach a mass scale of adoption, but coming from Samsung it will have the potential for reaching a wider audience to test the prospects of the technology.

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