OnePlus One Finally Up for Pre-Orders

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OnePlus One Finally Up for Pre-Orders

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The OnePlus One has been sold on an invite system from the get go. In doing so, the company continued to receive the orders, yet restricted orders enough to ramp up production. It might come across as a surprise at this point, but OnePlus One will be available for pre-orders on October 27th at 11am. Why, you might ask, are we specifying the time? Well, here’s the catch – the phones will be up for pre-orders only for an hour.

Although the time limit is unfortunate, however people finally get the chance to own the phone, without waiting for an invite. If you are able to place an order within that hour, you will be entitled for a OnePlus One smartphone. The phone’s shipping date will be determined by factors such as how many total orders are placed and how quickly one places their order. To further simplify the process, OnePlus is allowing customers to set up their shopping carts early. This way, all you need to do is to checkout when the clock hits eleven. All OnePlus accessories will be up on sale as well.


If users happen to receive an invite after an order is placed, the phones will be shipped immediately.

It was previously reported that the company will be doing away with the invite system for a pre-order system. Carl Pie said, “We understand that our current method may be slowing our growth down, but we’d rather grow slower and in a healthy way than take too much risks and go out of business. Risk management is extra important in our scenario where we don’t have hardware margins.”

We were really impressed by the device in our review, if you really want to get your hands dirty on this slick device, head over to and be prepared. Sadly, preorders are not available in India yet.

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