Get Ready For A Whole New Browser For Windows 10

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Get Ready For A Whole New Browser For Windows 10

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If there is one internet browser that has gathered immense online infamy, it’s the Internet Explorer (IE). As one of the oldest browsers, it helped Microsoft win the browser game as it was provided for free with its Windows OS. It’s competitors, like Netscape Navigator couldn’t compete, because of the massive reach of Windows. But lately with the emergence of browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the Internet Explorer has taken a back seat. However, Microsoft hasn’t lost out of hope with one of its oldest product yet. It is planning to create a whole new browser for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, The project is apparently code-named “Spartan”. Microsoft’s top competition Apple introduced multiple features in this year’s version of its browser Safari. With the Spartan, Microsoft hopes to create a light-weight browsing experience similar to that on Firefox and Chrome. This browser will be available for both the desktop and the mobile versions.

It is also being reported that Microsoft will ship Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11 for the sake of backward compatibility. Microsoft wishes to reignite the browser wars that it started back in the 90’s. The winner in this battle would be the consumer who will get improved functionalities thanks to the fierce competition.

Microsoft is going to hold a press event on January 21st where we will get to know more about the consumer aspects of the Windows 10. Maybe we’ll get to know more about Spartan too. The previews of Windows 10 have been appreciated and so we have some hopes with this new browser. Windows 10 is expected to come to the market by next September; only then we’ll finally know whether Microsoft’s Spartan forms a formidable opponent to the three ruling forces of the browser game.

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