Top 5 HD Games That Will Push Your Flagship to its Limit

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Top 5 HD Games That Will Push Your Flagship to its Limit

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While some of you are content playing 8-bit Flappy bird and Candy Crush on your smartphones, others like to take full advantage of their high resolution displays of their devices. These days most smartphones come with the top notch specs that are capable of handling console quality gaming. So, why not use it?

Everybody wants to play high definition games that are visually impressive, but not everybody can because HD games have some restrictions on the hardware. If you want to play them you, must have a really high-end device that is powered by a powerful processor, to be able to enjoy the games.

We are listing 5 of the best games whose graphics are so realistic they’ll knock your socks off.

5.Real Racing 3

real racing 3

Okay, most of you will cringe your nose reading the name of the game as it has been criticised for the large amount of in-app purchases required to be successful in the game. However, one can’t deny the fact that Real Racing 3 is one of the most graphically impressive games Android has ever had the pleasure of knowing. Unfortunately, this means that you have to empty large memory on your handset, 1.6 GB to be precise.

Download – Google Play (Free)

4. Asphalt 8 : AIRBORNE

asphalt 8

This games needs no introduction, we all have practically grown up playing this game on our old-gen Motorola and Nokia handsets. The 8th edition of the Asphalt is more beautiful than ever with a impeccible graphic quality, shaders new generation geometric real-time reflections, and other awesome effects. The game can now enjoy an arcade racing as frantic as spectacular with the attractive possibility to drive the best cars on the planet; the cars perform jumps and amazing stunts. The game is full of events and races to participate and there are more than 180 events in career mode to play, divided into eight seasons.

Download – Google Play (Free)

3.  Dead Trigger 2


The second version of the popular zombie slaying game requires a high-performing hardware and when you play it on display with a high resolution, it offers a graphical experience like no other. Even if you aren’t a fan of point and shoot games or guns in general, it’s worth trying it out in order to admire the graphics. When installing, take heed of the 414 megabytes and the fact that you can only play when connected to the internet.

Download – Google Play (Free)

2. Wild Blood


If you dream of fantasy worlds regularly this one is for you. A paid app, Wild Blood mixes elements from the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table with an action game. Not to mention the breath-taking graphics. The game lacks a plot, but the fantastic and dazzling imagery makes up for it.

Download – Google Play (Rs. 420)

1. Assassin’s Creed Pirates


This game not just gives you the best imagery among the other but also an amazing gameplay. This is the sole reason, Assassin’s Creed Pirates makes it to the top of our list. The starting point of the game is a map that will take you to many different missions, like looking for an old friend or bringing home some pillaged loot. Of course, the way there is treacherous, full of obstacles with guns, swords and all sorts of pirate business.

Download – Google Play (Free)

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