This New 3D Display Doesn’t Require 3D Glasses

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This New 3D Display Doesn’t Require 3D Glasses

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Until now, the 3D technology was entirely dependent on the supporting glass. Now an effort has been put by Australian researchers that eliminates the need for 3D glasses. A team of researchers have created a new kind of display that produces 3D effect without the need for the special glasses.

According to the scientists, the technology uses a sophisticated laser system that throws laser beams in different directions. These scattered laser beams form an angular resolution in a way that the left eye sees a whole different picture from the right one. The technology leads to a 3D effect and allows viewing from various angles.

Researchers have successfully tested the first prototype of this 3D technology together with the start-up firm TriLite Technologies. It has the modest resolution of five by three pixels. Now, the team is heading towards the second prototype to get a clearer picture of the same. A professor of the research team Jorg Reitterer stated about their innovation, “We are creating a second prototype, which will display colour pictures with a higher resolution. But the crucial point is that the individual laser pixels work. Scaling it up to a display with many pixels is not a problem.”

The present 3D movies use the same trick of exhibiting two different pictures for both eyes. However, with the newly-developed display, users can experience the same effect with multiple images. The research team says that to encounter 3D effect, there should be a certain gap between the screen and the viewer. If the display is positioned to close or too far, viewers will only get a standard 2D image.

Research team says that the new video format required for the particular display is ready, and they are waiting for the second prototype to finish successfully. The gadget is scheduled to launch in 2016.

This newly-developed display is a sign of advancements in 3D technology. With the screen coming to consumers, entertainment will become more wholesome.

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