Netflix Plans to Expand Worldwide in the Next Two Years

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Netflix Plans to Expand Worldwide in the Next Two Years

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America, Europe, US and few more have privileges to access certain web content, while other nations face geoblocking. Willing viewers have to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to stream their favourite programs. But Netflix has some interesting plans that will stop the need of VPNs; without permanently blocking the services to these sites.

The video-streaming giant Netflix recently made an announcement according to which TV shows and films will be available to the audience worldwide. That means people of all nations would be able to watch TV shows right at the time of their broadcast. NetFlix said that it was planning for expansion that will cover whole of the globe. This development will be complete within two years.

Meanwhile, the company said that its terms are the same. It can restrict access to users who use VPN to fetch content where they don’t have the right. From the statement, it is clear that Netflix wants to make the web content wide-reaching and break the geoblocking barriers. Netflix CEO and Co-Founder Reed Hastings said that their main goal for now is providing global content.

[We] had the vision to start to figure out how to get global rights for some of the content by moving up the food chain. And we have been pushing on that dimension, where we can get the global rights and we don’t have to go country by country across 200 countries, but instead can provide the producer upfront money, guaranteed money, and get great access.

The plan is to create a vast network of satellites which beam internet directly to the consumers

According to the Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, studios would be interested in this deal and from this, their operations would streamline. To increase the viewership, Netflix is in preparation to telecast 320 hours of completely original content this year. Meanwhile, HBO is also launching its stand-alone streaming service.

This move by Netflix will be welcomed by the countries as the viewership of their shows is immense worldwide.

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