Amazon Offers Gift Coupons Instead of Refunds for the Yureka Price Glitch

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Amazon Offers Gift Coupons Instead of Refunds for the Yureka Price Glitch

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The much-awaited Yu Yureka went on sale but not without some issues. The folks at YU claimed to have sold 10,000 devices in 3 seconds, but some users reported that the company only sold around 3,000 devices. Then a technical glitch at Amazon led to some users getting a price of Rs.12,499 instead of the original price of Rs.8,999. Amazon said that it will compensate for the heightened prices. But the compensation, which was given in the form of Amazon gift certificates, has enraged the buyers.

A screenshot of an email received by an Facebook user from Amazon has been doing rounds on social media. It shows the company offering a gift certificate instead of a refund. The gift certificate is said to work across all Amazon services like Kindle eBooks and apps. It seems Amazon doesn’t realize yet that when Indians say they want their money back, they mean they need their ‘money back’. A gift certificate or store credit is just not an option.

Amazon Yu Sale Coupon

Amazon shouldn’t have a lot of issue in refunding back the money. As the monetary transaction was done digitally it, would have been rather easy for the company to return it back to the original account.

It’s not sure as of yet as to how many customers were affected by the glitch and both Yu and Amazon have not commented on it. The phone itself has received some favorable reviews but the glitches in sale can hamper its prospects. A second sale for the Yu Yureka will take place tomorrow, the 22nd of January at 2PM. Hopefully, Amazon is ready to take on the task this time around.

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