9 Super Cool Features of Windows 10

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9 Super Cool Features of Windows 10

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Last night, Microsoft lifted the veil off the consumer version of its much-anticipated operating system Windows 10. The event saw some amazing offerings that were absent in the business version of Windows 10, launched in September the preceding year. Microsoft announced that its new upgrade would be same on all platforms and would be more user-friendly and impressive that ever before.

We have summed up Top 9 features that make Windows 10 unique-:

1. Start Menu


To start off, Microsoft has added the much-needed tool that was absent from Windows 8 and 8.1 – the Start Menu. People longed to see this on their desktop for past three years, and finally Microsoft has put it back. The new Start menu combines the old-school start icon along with the modern user interface that makes it more comfortable for users to go through.

2. Action Center


Settings have tweaked, to give a cleaner and more understandable look. Windows 10 pushed the fragmented Settings menu and Control Panel out to encompass a unified settings menu called Action Center. Action Center brings together all the frequently used options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more. The refreshed settings shelter all the regular buttons, through which one can instantly switch the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other selections on and off.

3. Continuum

continuum windows 10

Continuum is a highly anticipated addition to the Windows 10. Continuum is just like Apple’s Continuity feature that allows you to switch from PC to mobile or tablet from where you left. The feature is designed specifically for convertible devices, switching almost instantly from a mouse and keyboard to a tablet screen.

4. Notifications Sync

windows 10 sync

Microsoft has made full use of its ‘common interface for all platforms’ and has included the notifications syncing feature. With this new tool, notifications will get synced across devices, and once you have dismissed some notifications on a mobile, it will not obstinately pop up again when you switch on your laptop or tablet. Now that’s something really thoughtful by Microsoft.

5. Cortana

cortana pc

The special feature that separates Windows 10 from its predecessors is the intelligent personal assistant Cortana. Cortana will serve as a primary search tool that will look for you. Its reminder capabilities are unparalleled. Not only this, Cortana is much more than a simple robot. Through Cortana you can interact with the device making lif very easy on the go.

6. Universal Windows Apps

Windows_10_universal app

One thing that will benefit Window Phone users is the universal Windows apps. The company has added some new apps that will run on computers, mobile, tablet and as well as on the Xbox One, and has improved the already existing apps. The list of new adoptions includes Outlook that has been modernised to cover comprehensive styling and extra formatting capabilities. Calendar app has been made consistent on all the platforms and Photos has been pinched to remove duplicates.

7. Project Spartan


The new browser that’s launched with Windows 10 is dubbed Project Spartan. The main highlight of this browser is its use in social networking. With Spartan, users can send websites with highlights and annotations added to them, something which is not available in any web browser right now. Also, Cortana is deeply integrated with Spartan to make life easier for the non savvy folk.

8. Xbox Live

xbox live windows 10

There is something for hardcore gamers as well. With the new Xbox app, Xbox Live, on Windows 10, gamers can chat with their pals, share browsed video game clips and can record their games as well. The app also enables you to edit videos as per your willing.

9. Improved Design and Interface


Microsoft has proved that it has an eye for details. Users will notice the modern touch given to the icons. With fully-adjustable keyboard, integrated Message and Skype app, Windows 10 is more clean and swift.

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