Report : Google is Prepping its Own App-Based Cab Service

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Report : Google is Prepping its Own App-Based Cab Service

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You can always count on Google to come up with something new and useful. According to reports, the search engine giant might be prepping its own app-based taxi service; going head on against Uber. David Drummond, Google’s Chief Legal Officer and a member of Uber’s board, has revealed Google’s plans of developing an app-based taxi service.

GPS-based cabs have a tracking module installed in them which gives real-time location information to the central computers. This helps the companies keep a play by play track of the movements of their vehicles. When a cab request arrives at the call center, it gets forwarded to the cabs in the area. The driver who can make the trip, replies to the request and the tracking begins till the end of your journey. The trackers are part of the tamper proof meters which can give you a printout of the details of the journey and fare for your records.

Recently, app-based services have managed to gain massive popularity, which can be credited to their easy accessibility. Popular services in India include Uber and Ola.  This move from Google may jeopardize Uber’s reliance on Google, as the cab service’s smartphone apps for drivers and customers heavily relies on Google Maps.

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