Time to Check Your Email! OnePlus Sends Out First Wave of OnePlus 2 Invites

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Time to Check Your Email! OnePlus Sends Out First Wave of OnePlus 2 Invites

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We’ve told you how to get your OnePlus 2 invites, we’ve told you about how the company will be giving away their invites and we’ve seen you flock the page with queries and requests asking us to give you invites. While we can’t deliver the last bit, yet, we bring you good news anyway.

Shortly after the OnePlus 2 was launched, 2 million OnePlus fans made reservations for the much awaited phone. Well, the good news is that the company has sent out its first wave of invites!

oneplus invite 0

That’s right. While the company hasn’t mentioned exactly how many invites they’ve dished out, you can now check your mail to see if you’re one of the lucky ones to be acquiring the OnePlus 2, with an invite from the company itself. So, we do wish you all the luck.

If you haven’t received the OnePlus 2 invite yet, watch our hands-on and unboxing video to sense what the OnePlus 2 will look and feel like:

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  • Anikét Singh

    Not came till now U0001f614U0001f614U0001f614

  • HushenSavani


  • HushenSavani

    @nikita…  when iGyaan will send the “give-away” invites? Is there any contests to be done on iGyaan?

  • Er Vishal Kumar

    ok But just tell one thing on which no. were you in the reservation list of the invite

  • Manmeet Khurana will the people with one plus one get the invite of one plus 2..?

  • PratUshh

    Seems Far. . . . . from truth -_-

  • Srikanth Bodanapu

    yes bro i am planning to buy on 11 aug

  • Er Vishal Kumar

    hi Srikanth
    are you willing to buy on 11 aug?
    If not then can you please give me you invite and I will give the one I receive after buying OPT

  • watsino

    For an invite and to bump click the link.

  • KmarCuttheham

    Thanks for the news, I’m happy to hear it, they’ve almost hit 3 million too. If you guys giving out invites sign em up for that please.

  • Abhishek Mohanty

    jaimin have you got the invite

  • Andrioswp

    PAIIITET ?? ??????? ???? 48 ?????… ? ???? ????????? ??????, ?? 1+2 ??????

  • Malwinder Singh

    Join this for OnePlus 2 invite…
    #OnePlus2 #NeverSettle #OnePlusFanMeet #OnePlus

  • Ujjawal Jain


  • Srikanth Bodanapu

    Got mine
    Go register and get yours here


    Andrioswp ? ?? ?????? ????, ?? ? ????? ?????? ????? ?? ????, ??????? ?????? ?????? ?????!?

  • Abhinandan Golchha

    when is your oneplus 2 review coming??

  • kufri

    igyaan not yet in India i guess.

  • UCeejay

    igyaan Are you sure it has been rolled out in India? As per Oneplus India it is not yet.

  • Mohammed Salman

    Anyone willing to give me one invite, i need to gift it on some special occasion to someone….
    plz, let me know

  • Jaimin Maniar

    Got mine
    Go register and get yours here

  • bombaybhai

    Manhar_Aman igyaan I did see a subject matter but might be a spam, lemme re-check.

  • Manhar_Aman

    bombaybhai igyaan you did?

  • bombaybhai

    igyaan yayyyyy
    I got mine.

  • Salman Pasha

    Nope not meeeeeee

  • Nikhil Verma

    Anyone with an extra one pm me

  • shannan_a

    India is not on the ‘valid in country list’ in the image.

  • *2 Million…NOT 200 :)

  • y_srikanth

    igyaan Please inbox me Oneplus 2 invite

  • Madhur Mittal

    So who all are lucky to get.. :D

  • Pushkar Soorma
  • Shaikh Aftab

    Bilal Shaikh