Spec Leaks Hint at 6GB RAM, 23MP Camera in Next Generation LeTV Max 2

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Spec Leaks Hint at 6GB RAM, 23MP Camera in Next Generation LeTV Max 2

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Barely six months after the release of LeTV One series smartphones, leaks about LeTV Max 2 are already doing the rounds. The first set of three smartphones were a big success in the Chinese market and anticipation about their successor is only a natural reaction. Additionally, since Max 2 is a top-end model, some pretty amazing specs are expected of it.LeTV Max 2The device is expected to come equipped with Snapdragon 820 and 6 GB RAM. Needless to say, the latter is the highlight of the phone. In terms of display and resolution, Max 2 will probably have a 5.7-inch screen and 2K Quad HD.Spec Leaks for Next Generation LeTV

While the Samsung 1.5Gb x 4 RAM modules (total 6GB RAM) are assumed to be part of it,  Sony’s new IMX300 sensor with 23 MP is another specification we can hope to find in the device. Double sided glass design set in a slim body is what you can expect in terms of external design. Speculations about its release date place it somewhere around the end of this year.

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  • ?????? ????? ?????

    I too like simple and sober Lumia. Nothing to boast of spec wise, but use it and you will be addicted to the simplicity

  • Siva Anand

    These phones need so much of ram and still will not run smoothly.
    But iPad 2nd gen has only 512mb ram and it runs buttery smooth

  • YashaswwiPonnur

    what about the battery??

  • Shah Haq

    Wow this would b a massive phone with amazing specs

  • Dhairya Chandarana

    Wtf what will we do of our lappy and PC. 6gb ram ssly ? what will be the price it will give though competition to tata nano :v

  • Na Ryan Sharma

    I don’t know when we ll become old people may laugh at us if we say we use to have mobiles with 2GB RAM, may be our kids will use 20 RAM mobiles…. U0001f62cU0001f62c

  • Dipanjan Nickname

    What’s the need of that!
    My pc barely needs 6 GB ram unless I stream or play heavy games.

  • Manas Gharat

    Can’t say shut up and take my moneyU0001f605

  • Richmond Buenafe Magsalin

    Cedric James Rodriguez, Meron ba nito sa Lenovo nagkataon Fly high na sa taas ng RAM, DSLR Camera up to 23MP

  • Adarsh Pal Singh

    6GB RAM in a phone is just a waste of effort if you ask me. Mobile companies these days are just focusing on specs rather than innovation. I mean what’s next? 16 GB RAM dodeca-core processor bundled with 50 MP shooter and 15″ screen? To tell you the truth, I like my Moto X (Gen 1) more than all these so called latest flagship devices. Why? Because it reeks of Innovation!

  • Leelaa Akhil

    Isn’t letv coming to india?..may they come up with a budget phone

  • Arshdeep Singh

    The brand Most of us never heard before

  • Jishnu Vu

    haha…lol….my phone is still having 512mb ram..

  • Prashu Radha

    6GB RAM U0001f62eU0001f62e Krishna Ganesh

  • Archit Dhingra

    Dhruv Sharma bc

  • Akshay Purohit

    omg 6gb ram? do we need 6 gb ram in a mobile?

  • Choudhary Rishabh Sahrawat

    6 gb ram!!! Are bc. Pr chlega ye woi 1gb ram phn k jaise U0001f604U0001f604