Huawei P9 with 6 GB RAM to Launch at Pre-CES Event on January 5

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Huawei P9 with 6 GB RAM to Launch at Pre-CES Event on January 5

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There have been rumours in the past that Huawei was planning to launch the P9 flagship smartphone was set for a March release. However, it looks like Huawei is not planning on waiting that long to unveil the device. Fresh rumours out of China suggest that the Huawei P9 will be made official at the company’s pre-CES event, scheduled to be held tomorrow, January 5.

The specs that’s really grabbing everyone’s attention is the whopping 6 GB RAM inside the device, and a dual rear camera setup. Other rumored specs of the device include 5.2-inch display, Kirin 950 SoC, and a fingerprint sensor.

Huawei CES 2016

This along with the Huawei Mate 8 are the two devices Huawei plans on unveiling at CES as of now. Follow this space as we cover CES 2016 starting January 6 – 9.

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  • AjinkyaJoshi
  • Abir Hossain Shakkhor

    60000 tk chabe :-P

  • Anarki Daniel

    OmG! 6gb of Ram Awesome

  • Maddy Vishwas Joshi

    Companies should concentrate more on battery.. It has been more than 8 yrs and still the major issue with any android phone is battery backup! -_-

  • ?????? ????? ?????

    Won’t but unless it had 32 core processor

  • vishalmehta26

    igyaan mohak017 MKBHD austinnotduncan tldtoday geekyranjit

  • iGeekyChic

    igyaan wth! 6GB RAM?! U0001f60d soon they’ll have 500MP camera U0001f61d

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  • Ishaan Dua

    Haan ane de pakka lungaU0001f602U0001f602

  • Jay Bansal

    U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 le le ye phone

  • Ishaan Dua

    Mere laptop mein 4 gbram hai…U0001f602U0001f602
    Pagal hai yehU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Jay Bansal

    U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 koi limit hi reh gyi h ab toh. Bas specs ooche kar rhe h ye. Battery gyi bhaad me.

  • Ishaan Dua

    Jay Bansal are they kidding?
    6 gb ramU0001f631U0001f631

  • Ramkumar Govindan

    My laptop has just 3gb RAM… U0001f630

  • Rohan Arya


  • Bharathteja10

    igyaan Omg 6 gb ram i think in future we’ll see 16 gb ram and 1TB internal memoryU0001f60e

  • Arghya Ghosh

    Wtf wud u do wid 6gb of ram on a smart phone!! :-|

  • Sumedh Nandedkar

    That moment when your laptop has less RAM than your smartphone! -_-

  • Nikhil Gokul

    But whats the use. Instead of increasing ram. Shouldnt they concentrage more on optimising os fr their respective hardware. Wouldnt that be profitable in the long run.

  • Yogesh Jain

    Huawei phones don’t have high end features like multi windows or other high end feature, 3-4gb was enough for huawei,but the thing is people buy phones on seeing high numbers,so they increased the number to stay in the game and showing that they R offering new .what else they can do ,they already have honor 7 and nexus 6p the 2 of the best phones out there.And it is sure that other brands will follow the lead of 6gb ram.

  • Bikram Karmakar

    is it true???

  • Sagar Pilkhwal

    Please review asus zenfone selfie

  • Nikhil Gokul

    -__- 4gigs more than enough. Manufacturers should try to improve other aspects like battery storage, camera quality and all.

  • Rajan Singh

    Super Computer in Hand…. :) :)

  • Ashutosh Tharwal


    Santa is here……!

    6GB of ram..

  • Ayush Shakya

    Who is obsessed man they are just building something new

  • Kaushik Datt

    Here you go people who are obsessed with more RAM.

  • Saksham Bhati

    Lagta hai laptop ab 16 gb ram ka hi lena pdega.. Phn me b 6 gb rAm

  • BhagavanSaiIndia

    My lappy is jealous after reading this article….