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Micromax Andro A70 Review

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The Micromax Andro A70 was one of the most anticipated phones of this quarter, especially in the sub Rs. 8000 bracket. To be honest, at first we thought of it as just a minor upgrade to the existing Andro A60. But as we reviewed this little marvel we began so see a major change in its operation. Lets see why the Andro A70 is our pick for the price range.

Build Quality and Design

Reminiscent of the Nexus One’s design, the Micromax Andro A70 is built with sturdy plastics. Nice curvaceous ends make it an extremely attractive design, and very comfortable to hold in the hand. The screen on the front is tough and provides the extra protection required for a touch phone of this nature. The buttons are tactile and easy to use, the overall standard of construction is quite impressive.

The front of the display is also glass and not plastic unlike its predecessor, Which makes the overall build of the device impressive. The phone is sturdy and does not make rattling noises even when tossed around.



  •   Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  •   Camera Primary 5.0 MP Secondary – VGA
  •   600MHz Processor
  •   3.2 inch Multi Touch Capacitive Screen
  •   Mi – apps –  application store by Micromax
  •  Full Android Market
  •   WCDMA 2100 MHz
  •   HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
  •   Mi-Fi Pocket Wireless Internet
  •   GPS             
  •   Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  •   Battery 1450mAh
  •   Proximity Sensor
  •   Gravity Sensor

Camera and Multimedia

A surprisingly interesting 5 MP camera with autofocus that delivers exceptionally good pictures. The camera displays great skill when it comes to auto-focus and cannot be tackled down by any other device in this price range. Although colors appear washed out at first but a little playing around with the settings gives a good picture.

Video on the other hand is simply OK, you cannot expect much from the VGA video capability. A simple tweak, by changing the video quality settings to custom in the camera we were able to get VGA video. If you leave the video quality to high, it captures a much lower resolution video. A sample of the video can be seen in the videos below.

The Front facing camera, is a simple VGA camera and can be used for nothing but clicking self portraits and video. We tried several times to initiate a camera response from Skype /fring etc, but failed to do so.

The screen of the Andro A70 is great for watching videos and browsing the internet. It is also a capacitive 2 point multitouch screen, so pinch to zoom works great and with the 3.2 inch 320x480px screen text is crisp and easily read. 

Speakers are loud and clear when it comes to watching videos or simply listening to music. Overall multimedia experience was satisfactory and a lot more than you can expect from a device which costs only 7500 Rs.

Phone and Messaging

No complaints here, the phone call capability was excellent , little or no dropped calls, clear speaker and earpiece. the microphone also pics up sound aptly and delivers to the other side. One thing with mentioning is the number of connection errors faced in process of dialing a number were far more than any other device tested.

Messaging and emailing has also improved vastly over the previous A60 thanks to the inclusion of the capacitive screen. This makes the device almost brilliant, keyboard is nice and spread out and easy to type on even with relatively large fingers. The keyboard can also be easily replaced with customizable keyboards from the Marketplace, including Better Keyboard. Swype however does not work with the Andro A70.


Internet and Portable Hotspot

This section is dedicated to connectivity and utilization of the Internet, Data and WiFi. 
The A70 has a very weak WiFi antenna, and mostly requires you to be relatively close to the router to get a decent signal. This was kind of a let down especially after the excellent WiFi antenna on the Andro A60.

The Portable Hotspot also fails throughout the board, dropping WiFi and asking for reactivations several times.

Apart from the above, browsing works great on the A70 especially 3G networks perform as good as high end phones.

Battery Life

We were quite impressed with the battery life on the A70, with over 5 hours of talk time, and a good 7-8 of internet usage, upto 3 days of standby, make it an excellent device in terms of battery life. But with Android as an OS, you never know what app you install, suddenly battery life is critically lower than before. Overall great battery , be sure to inspect your apps if you face battery issues.


While its an extremely awesome device for its price, it definitely has its ups and its down . With limited WiFi range and useless front camera this device lacks little and gives more. Good things include impressive build quality, a great photo camera, Android 2.2, wifi hotspot, easily root-able ( with possibility of custom rome). This device is a little understated by the company. The UI is much improved and a launcher from the market like ADW launcher can make this device a gem with pinch home screens, and smooth scrolling. 

The Micromax Andro A70 is a good package for someone who wants to enter the Android ecosystem, or even a good upgrade for an A60 user. This device is also an excellent secondary device for a expensive smartphone. 

We say go for it!

[xrr rating=3.5/5 label=”We Rate it: ” imageset=shiny_yellow_star display_as=fraction_stars]

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We got news from Micromax for Gingerbread and Video Calls : Read Here

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appointment setting

This is really best phone in the price range. Only Samsung galaxy Y giving  competition to this phone. If micromax will give support to 2.3 than it will good hit in the market.


gpu-adreno 200 or adreno 205?


can anyone tell me how i connect my micromax a70 with wifi connection because i doesnt found where i will give proxy and port

Sanjay Jumde

Does the Micromax A70 work with a normal SIM card – or does it use CDMA technology with no SIM? If CDMA, how do I use it with multiple SIMs (e.g. while traveling to another country)? 


please can any1 teel dat if i root my a70 using root from 2.2.1 to 2.2.3 den will dos it work
please can any tell me

Got  MMx A70 on 16-Nov.  Here is the feedback after using it for a week. 1st Impression: * Great design & looks * Light weight * Bright Screen Pros: * Reasonably fast performance * 5 home screens * Bundled with useful apps * Good voice call quality (steady position) * 2G works perfect, not yet tested on 3G * Battery OK Cons: = Weak Wi-fi connectivity = Audio disturbs while moving / walking – need to be steady till you finish the call = Very Poor FM Radio quality = Poor audio quality even for mp3 (even I tried with… Read more »

please review on lg optimus net p690


can we use the front cam for 3g calling????????????


is there any update for micromax a70 (like android 2.3.4) ?


micromax a70 pc suit …. pls suggest for download of this pc suit.


Gaurav Saini

this device is upgrade-able to android 2.3 or not?

Tangudu Vamshi

i want to know whether, do we have any free pc sync softwares like the ovi suite for nokia , for the android low end phones like micromax A70 ,and will this phone support such apps


has micromax provided android 2.3 update for micromax a70


hey Ram

Have u the Pc suit for Micromax A70

Pls send me the link or send me the software for the same.

on my email id- paraminbox @gmail:disqus .com



please review karbonn a1


SPICE MI 350 seems to be better than Micromax A70……. is that true ???


pls review on spice mi 350


Perhaps I was among the first users of the set. This is an awesome set considering the performance vis a vis price tag. Yes Speaker is a problem as provided on the back side, and it does not support video calling although has got a front camera. After around 70 days of use now facing great difficulties in charging and set is currently with the service centre.. Battery is Ok, but most of the time after connecting to charger or even at the USB, either its not charging or showing false charge.. If any user has the same problem please… Read more »

please sir i want want karbonn A1 full review …………


is the sar vaue too high for this phone? any hazzards??


hey friend i m planning 2 buy this phone….so plz help me…..
1) hows d picture quality captured by %MP camera???

2)Can we connect this phone 2 pc 2 use internet??? what is speed we realized with 3g on pc??

3)is AVI videos working??

4) is video calling is working???

plz reply early as possible…..

this si not a g.

no this is not agood 

bought the phone 2 days back. . . and i am pretty satisfied wid it  its an awesome phone at this pricePROS:1.display clarity is good 2.battery life (listening to an hour of music on headphones drains 8% battery only) smooth, no lags 4.touchscreen is sensitive5.volume output is gud 6.secondary cam 7.pinch to zoom and browser work well (also opera mini is pre installed)8.watching videos and movies is a really gud experience on this phone quality10.last but not the least THE PRICECONS: quality is not up to the mark2.headphones are not gud, obviously u can change them3.edge is not supported4.weak… Read more »

can we use skype in this Micromax A70 phone?


hey varun plz reply2 my post…..plz


did nfs shift, gangster miami, assasins creed altaire chronicle, asphalt 5 hd, works on this device, and what about its gpu say, i dont know only about its gpu, reply fast
or message me on………………………………..


Should I go for Samsung Galaxy Y or Micromax Andro A70 or Dell XCD??? also can we have Samsung Galaxy Y review

Revanth P

Consider Dell XCD35 and Samsung galaxy Y

Y is Rs1400 cheaper than XCD
Y has 832MHZ Processor
Dell has better screen and camera
Y has better android version and processor
So decide yourself
There are many reviews for both Dell XCD35 and Samsung Galaxy Y 


Dell XCD35 
480 x 800 pixels, 3.5 inches (~267 ppi pixel density) —> More android games are available for this resolution..The image and text looks crispier.It is best for watching movies and videos!!!!Samsung Galaxy Y
240 x 320 pixels, 3.0 inches (~133 ppi pixel density) —-> Only few android games are available. Usually u r nt going to play games always…When u take this phone outdoor u will suffer a lot text wont be visible!!

I suggest u to go to Dell XCD35


 whatzz the price of DELL XCD35


Micromax A70 Gingerbread Upgrade Please…….Waiting here…….

Russell Dias98

is a70 or spice mi 310 better in motion sensor gaming

Shabaz ulla Shariff

helllo sir i need karbonn A1 review plzzzzz dis is my request 

Revanth P



can any one installed adobe flash player on a70 will it work

Russell Dias98

does it have voice secrch?


Yes it does , It comes standard with all android devices

Jainam Mehta

Hey revanth P ! I want to buy a touch smartphone within 8000Rs. range with good camera, social networking ability, speedy surfing, download , supporting games & apps, andro 2.2
Which one will u suggest ? Is micro A70 is good to go with ? any other option… ?


In A70, Camera does the job. 5 MP gives good pictures at day time. but not good in low light / night times. video is not good. We can take with VGA (640X480) clarity but with 15 FPS speed its really not good. But A70 is awesome, value for money in all other factors.

Russell Dias98

Does it have a inbuilt compass for the GPS??


No inbuilt compass. Its not required for GPS. For GPS you need a chip which can communicate to satellite to get the co-ordinates and it is there in this mobile.

Revanth P

No the micromax A70 doesn`t have inbuilt Digital Compass for GPS Navigation(Checkout Samsung galaxy Y it has been released with Android2.3 & 832MHZ Processor @7000)

Revanth P

Micromax A70 doesn`t have inbuilt Digital Compass for GPS Navigation