LG Patents Phone With A Whopping 16 Camera Lenses

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LG Patents Phone With A Whopping 16 Camera Lenses

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In the past couple of years, dual cameras have become a norm. In fact, it is one of the identifying factors of a modern smartphone. Some companies have taken this a step forward by introducing a triple camera setup, and now Samsung has introduced a quad camera phone. Nokia is ready to one-up all of these with their penta camera Nokia 9 PureView. But nothing could have prepared us for this latest patent by LG. A smartphone with 16 camera lenses!

16 Camera Phone

The new ‘hexadecimal’ camera setup looks as weird as it sounds. The images in the patent look like something out of a board game. The patent is with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). It explains the design for a mobile terminal and control method for the mobile terminal. Describing a smartphone with 16 lenses in a matrix setup, it also tells us about its functionality.

The lenses are set in a curve, allowing for more features. This allows you to take images from different angles, and use any of them as you please. For example, you can either use all the lenses at once to take the image, and then choose the best out of those. Conversely, you can just choose any one lens as well, depending on the situation you are using it in.

Another very interesting feature detailed by the patent is the possibility to combine multiple images into one. You can cut out a part of the image, and replace it with an image taken by a different lens, which gives you another angle. The smartphone also allows you to combine several parts of different photos to make an image. You can also select the head of a person or an object, and even turn it around or replace it with a head from another image.

What’s More

Another interesting aspect is the mirror on the back of the phone. According to the patent, you can use the mirror to take a self-portrait using the main camera. This will result in higher quality selfies. But the patent also explains that the phone will still maintain a front camera, as the image from the main camera will be large in terms of size and can sometimes be difficult to share. It will also aid in making video calls.

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There is also a possibility of the smartphone integrating a touchpad/ display at the rear. The back of the phone also has a speaker, giving the user a stereo sound effect. Additionally, the patent also details that the this can be used in a foldable phone and a flip phone as well.

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