Exclusive : Galaxy 730 and Galaxy PMPs to Hit India end October

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Exclusive : Galaxy 730 and Galaxy PMPs to Hit India end October

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Some great news for those waiting in for the Galaxy Players / PMPs running Android and boasting a 5 inch/4 inch screens, the devices will be available along with the Galaxy 730 aka Galaxy Tab 8.9 inch in the last week of october. This information comes from the very depths of the Samsung HQ in NCRand packs a punch especially because there is a tad bit of information regarding the pricing on the PMPs.

We got our hands on with the PMP back at the Samsung Forums, check out the video below.


Spec Sheet

Now here is the awesome part the PMPs are speculated to have the following price : Galaxy Player 4 for 12,500 and Galaxy Player 5 for 15,000 Indian currency. We think that its excellent pricing.

Pricing of the Galaxy 730the MRP remains the same from initial PR  : Tab 730 at INR 33,990 which seems a lot more since the 750 sells for much cheaper than that price.

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When will the galaxy player 5.0 come to india? late october? now it’s late 2011!


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Dhwanik Mehta

in the video it says that it has 5mp cam

but in d specs provided above it says it has 3.2 mp cam

I think the Asian version of galaxy s wifi(5” screen)  comes with 5 mp cam 

and d u.s. version comes with 3.2 mp cam